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>Criminalist II
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The County of Santa Clara is seeking applicants for the position of Criminalist II. Description: Under supervision, to perform physical and chemical analyses related to scientific crime detection. Typical Tasks: makes chemical and physical analyses, and microscopic examinations in the identification and comparison of evidence such as hair, blood, poisons, narcotics, paint, glass, bullets, cartridge cases, firearms, and tool marks; examines evidence utilizing various analytical techniques such as gas chromatography, spectrophtometric analyses, comparative microscopy, filtered ultraviolet light, x-ray, infrared photography, photomacrography and photomicrography; makes field investigations at the crime scene and other pertinent locations to search for, collect and preserve evidence; prepares evidence for presentation in court, participates in studies to interpret and correlate alcohol analysis with subjective observations of the demeanor and behavior of persons who have ingested known amounts of ethyl alcohol; performs chemical analysis to determine the presence and quantity of toxic agents in post mortem fluids and tissues; testifies as to the results of laboratory analysis and interprets the alcohol level of blood samples to the courts and other legal hearings; consults and advises law enforcement officers and prosecuting attorneys regarding nature of evidence or the results of laboratory analyses and their meaning; studies new techniques and procedures; prepares reports on laboratory analysis and results; may be assigned to make technical presentations to outside groups; may examine and compare hand writings and other documentary evidence. Employment Standards: graduation from an accredited college or equivalent education with a major in criminalistics, chemistry, biochemistry, or a related field and two years of experience in the practice of general criminalistics. A Masters degree in Criminalistics, chemistry, biochemistry or physics may be substituted for one year of the required general experience. Knowledge of: basic principles, methods, materials and techniques of criminalistics; principles of chemistry, physics, biochemistry, physiology and photography as related to criminalistics; recent developments, current literature and sources of information in the field of criminalistics; common types of narcotics, poisons, firearms and explosives; basic laws of evidence, criminal procedures and crimes. Ability to: perform a variety of chemical, instrumental and other laboratory analyses; speak effectively as an expert in the presentation of laboratory findings before groups or in court; operate a variety of photographic equipment to produce professional and accurate results; develop and maintain good working relationships with other agencies and fellow employees; prepare clear, concise reports. Application Deadline: July 23, 2010. Online applications only, apply at All applicants are required to complete the supplemental questionnaire listed on job posting, . Applications received without the completion of the supplemental questionnaire will be rejected. Annual Salary: $67,606.20 – $81,806.40.