Durham NC Police Department – Crime Scene Specialist

>Crime Scene Specialist

(Posted 7/1/10 from AAFS.org)

The Durham Police Department is seeking applicants for the position of Crime Scene Specialist. A Crime Scene Specialist is a veteran Crime Scene Investigator with extensive knowledge in crime scene processing and documentation. This position performs the duties of crime scene investigation while simultaneously supervising a small squad of Crime Scene Technicians in their assigned duties. A Crime Scene Specialist is responsible for supervising a squad of three (3) Crime Scene Technicians involved in the examination and investigation of crime scene areas for the identification, collection, preservation, and evaluation of evidence at crime scene investigations in support of law enforcement activities. A Crime Scene Specialist works in the field monitoring subordinate’s work, participating in the processing of crime scenes, and coordinating the investigation of crime scenes with sworn supervisors in the field. An incumbent in this class also performs the following duties: maintaining the squad schedule, documenting subordinates’ work performance and completing performance evaluations and, training the Crime Scene Technicians and other department personnel in the forensic disciplines and functions of the Forensic Services Unit. To view the entire job description and to apply, go to: http://ww2.durhamnc.gov/employment/.