Roy AlAhmar:

DMAA, Do you even lift?

Internal Validation of the Promega PowerPlex® Fusion System using the Applied Biosystems® 3130xl Genetic Analyzer

Miranda Aufiero:

Rapid DNA Systems

Predicting the Quality of DNA Profiles through the Evaluation of the ParaDNA® Screening Instrument

Michelle Ball:

Challenges to the Identification of Synthetic Cathinones

Development of an Identification and Derivatization Method for Synthetic Cathinones by GC-MS using Perfluoroacyl Anhydrides

Daniel Botello:

Introduction to the Glock 17

The Effects of Powder, Barrel Length & Velocity on Distance Determination

Matthew Brewer:

The History and Analysis of Dimethyltryptamine

A Comparison Between the Windows 8 & Windows 7 Registries

Lisa Burgee:

Cyber Warfare and the Threat to National Security

An Internal Validation of the Qiagen® QIAgility™ Liquid Handling Robot

Dijana Coric:

Stick Figures and Handwriting Analysis

Internal Validation of FSS-i3™ 4.2.2 Expert Software System for use with Single Source PowerPlex® 16HS Multiplex DNA Samples

Miranda Davis:

Not-so-Unusual Suicides by Electric Saws

Mobile Crime Scene Applications: An Evaluation
of Their Use and Future Direction

Zach Dawson:

Problems of Identification of Methcathinones Using GCMS

Validation of a GC-IR and GC-MS and GC-IR Analysis of Methcathinone Analogs

Clarinda Ellison:

Pathology: The Final Voice

Validation of Promega’s PowerPlex® Y-23 Amplification Kit for West Virginia State Police

Choon Kambara:

Forensic Anthropology

Development and Internal Validation of a Chelex® DNA Extraction Protocol for Reference Oral Swabs

Aldo Maldonado:

Detection of Mescaline in Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) with GC-MS/MS and LC-PAD

The Simultaneous Development of Latent Prints on the Adhesive and Non-Adhesive Sides of Tape Using a Rhodamine 6G in Tween 20 Solution after Cyanoacrylate Fuming

Shanna Saunders:

Photography Techniques for the Improvement of Forensic Investigations

Internal Validation of the Applied Biosystems® GlobalFiler™ Express PCR Amplification Kit

Carrie Schmittgen:

The Use and Abuse of Xanax and their Counterfeits

Internal Validation of the Applied Biosystems® 3500xl Genetic Analyzer using AmpFlSTR® Identifiler® Direct

Jennifer Sulcebarger:

The Forensic Applications of X-ray Fluorescence Analysis

Detection of URB Series Synthetic Cannabinoids

Katie Sullivan:

Case Studies of Serial Killers

Optimization of Development of Latent Fingerprints on Unfired and Fired Brass Cartridge Casings

Kate Timmons:

The Use of Scent Dogs in Forensic Investigations

Detection and Documentation of Bloodstains Concealed by Paint: A Practical Approach

Andre Velez:

The Chemical Analysis and Physiological Effects of BromodragonFLY

Analysis of Cyanoacrylate Fuming’s Effects on
the Classification and Comparison of Polymers

Cindy Wu:

Video Forensics: Ocean Video Surveillance System

Forensic Analysis of Data Transience Applications in iOS and Android