KariAnna Baber Lay Seminar Presentation- The Organized/ Disorganized Dichotomy Profile of Serial Murder

Research Project: Age Estimation of Adolescents and Adults using Dimensions of the Eye and Pupil in “Selfie” Photographs. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Sarah Binion Lay Seminar Presentation- Not Everything Stays in Vegas: The Mysterious Death of Ted Binion

Research Project: Comparison of Direct Amplification vs. Extraction, Quantitation, and Amplification using GlobalFiler or Fusion Kits using 3500 Genetic Analyzers. Research Paper. Camtasia Presentation.

Corinne Byrdsong Lay Seminar Presentation- Agents for Bioterrorism: A Look at Ricin

Research Project: Evaluation of manual differential separation in comparison to QIAcube automation. Camtasia Presentation. Research Paper.

Karyn Crawford Lay Seminar Presentation- A Review of the Methods of Determination and Quantification of Salvinorin A within Biological Fluids

Research Project: Detection of Organic Components of Gunshot Residue (GSR) on Carbon SEM Stubs by Raman Spectroscopy. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Kel Daniel Lay Seminar Presentation- Detecting VX Metabolites in a Human Victim

Research Project: Evaluating Methods for Removing Radioactive Contamination from Traditional Forensic Evidence: Moths. Camtasia Presentation. Research Paper.

Quentin Gauthier Lay Seminar Presentation- Qualitative Examination of Latent Bloodstain Detection Reagent

Research Project: An Improved Method for Extraction of DNA from Envelopes. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Jordan Green Lay Seminar Presentation- Forensic Entomology and its Impacts in Forensic Science

Research Project: Steganography Analysis: Efficacy and Response-Time of Current Steganalysis Software. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Kayla Holsworth Lay Seminar Presentation- Differential Extraction: Separating the Weak from the Strong

Research Project: Comparison of QIAcube® Differential to Manual Differential Extraction When Purified Using the QIAamp® DNA Blood Mini Kit. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Hannah Kennedy Lay Seminar Presentation- DNA Analysis of Hair

Research Project: Qiagen® Investigator® DIPplex Kit: Validation and Use With Parentage Section Cases Involving Degraded/Inhibited Samples or Complex Relationships. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Mack Kilkeary Lay Seminar Presentation- Forensics techniques that help convict some of the world’s most notorious serial killers

Research Project: An Internal Validation of the Qiagen QIAgility Liquid Handling Robot. Camtasia Presentation. Research Paper.

Betsy Maldonado Lay Seminar Presentation- Developing Latent Fingerprints on Firearm Evidence

Research Project: Internal Validation and Comparative Analysis of the Promega PowerPlex® Fusion and the Applied Biosystems® GlobalFiler™ Express Amplification Kits for Direct Amplification. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Preston Miller Lay Seminar Presentation- Virtual Currencies and their Relation to Digital Forensics

Research Project: Virtual Currency Wallet Artifacts. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Angelica Montanez Lay Seminar Presentation- Fire Investigation and the Dawning of a New Fire Pattern Analysis Era

Research Project: Virtual Currency Wallet Artifacts. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Docoda Nunnery Lay Seminar Presentation- Analysis of a Controlled Substance: LSD

Research Project: Determination of CB1 Receptor Activity for Emerging Synthetic Cannabinoid Compounds. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Harrison Redd Lay Seminar Presentation- Cryptography and Steganography: Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

Research Project: A Pooling Method to Improve Ancient DNA Analysis. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Bailee Short Lay Seminar Presentation- MDPV: History, Abuse, and Analytical Methods

Research Project: The Identification, Derivatization, and Quantitation of Fentanyl Analogs in Solid-Dose Form. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Julia Thorson Lay Seminar Presentation- The Poppy Seed Defense

Research Project: Internal Validation of the Qiagen® Investigator Lyse&Spin Basket Kit and the PTC Erase Sperm Isolation Kit. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Alyssa Tinnin Lay Seminar Presentation- Analysis Methods for Artwork

Research Project: Analysis of Dyes in Blue Denim by Microspectrophotometry. Research Paper. Camtasia.

Darcie Winkler Lay Seminar Presentation- The Misuse and Analysis of Synthetic Cathinone Compounds

Research Project: Online Anonymity: Forensic Analysis of the Tor Browser Bundle. Research Paper. Camtasia.