Elise Chom: Forensic Analysis of a Playstation® 3 ‘Slim’ Model

Anthony Eiler:  Internal Validation of Yfiler for casework at the St Louis Metropolitan Police Department 

Mandy Heeran: Interpretation of Ignitable Liquid Residues in Fire Debris Analysis: Effects of Competitive Adsorption

Jamie Johnson: Outsole Frequency Study of Suspect Shoe Impressions Compared to a Student Population

Chris Kendrex: Observed Microscopic Changes of Bullets Fired from Barrels after Cleaning with Bore Brushes

Kevin Kramer: Comparison of Room Temperature Forensic DNA Extract Sample Preservation Methods

Stephanie Kuntz: Internal Validation of DNA Extraction from Bone and Tooth Samples Using Qiagen’s BioRobot EZ1

Erin LaGrone:  Trifluoroacetyl Derivatization of Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, MDMA and Other Controlled Substances with Similar Mass Spectra

Meggan Macomber:  The Migration of Ignitable Liquids in Pour Patterns on Carpet

Brandy Maydon:  Validation of the Applied Biosystems AmpFlSTR® Yfiler™ PCR Amplification Kit

Dishari Mukherjee: Comparison of Collection Devices and Commonly used Human Identification Kits for Forensic DNA Profiling of Soil-Inhibited Saliva-Skin Samples

Amber Rasmussen:  Analysis and characterization of several varieties of synthetic cannabinoids

Megan Rommel:  Comparative Evaluation of Manual Extraction Methods for the Biology/DNA Detail of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Forensic Laboratory

Andrew Sawin: A Comparative Analysis of Quantifiler® Duo and Plexor®HY DNA Quantification Systems

Amanda Wilson:  Separation of Adhesive Tapes from Various Surfaces Using Three Different Techniques

Cheryl Zakowski:  Validation of GeneMapper® ID-X v 1.1.1 including a Time and Cost-based Comparison Study with GeneMapper® v 3.2.1