Seminar Presentations

Shaina Chang: Analysis of Polymer Standards by FTIR-ATR and Py-GC/MS and the Creation of Searchable Libraries

Katie Jacque: Internal Validation of the Applied Biosystems® AmpFlSTR® Yfiler PCR Amplification Kit on a Applied Biosystems® 3130 Genetic Analyzer

Jessica Lowney: Comparison of the QIAcube® to manual differential separation: Man versus Machine

Hilary Keenan: Comparison of Bloodstains on Fabric: Characteristics of Impact Spatter

Tifani Parker: Evaluation of Digestion Buffers and Extraction Techniques for the Recovery of DNA from Teeth

Allison Gapinski: Internal Validation of the AmpFℓSTR® Identifiler® Plus PCR Amplification Kit and Comparison to Identifiler® for the Boston Police Department Crime Laboratory

Season Seferyn and Sarah Barr: Expedited DNA Analysis and Demographic Comparison of Evidentiary Samples from 1,785 Property Crime Cases

David Eckre: Challenges in Analyzing the Newest Wave of Synthetic Cannabinoids

Kelsey Rusbarsky: A Forensic Comparison of NTFS and FAT32 File Systems

Chris Thatch: Validation of the Applied Biosystems® 3500xL with PowerPlex® 16 HS

Emilie Dembia: Validation of the Applied Biosystems® 3500 Genetic Analyzer with a comparison of the Identifiler® Plus and PowerPlex® 16 HS amplification kits

Katie Corcoran:  Messaging Application Analysis for Android and iOS Platforms

Jessica Tokarz: PowerPlex® Y23: Y-STR Comparison and Validation

Sara Trelevan: Forensic Analysis of Dropbox Application File Artifacts Recovered from iOS and Android Mobile Devices

Sarah Barr: Validation and Comparison of the AMPFlSTR Identifiler Plus PCR Identification Kit to Identifiler, MiniFiler, and Yfiler

Ashleigh Zeile- Development of a Direct Amplification Method for Exemplar and Pseudo-exemplar Samples Using Identifiler Plus

Vanity Maldonado- Ongoing Validation of the 3500 XL Genetic Analyzer Using the AMPFlSTR Identifiler Plus Kit

Rachel Friedman- A Digital Forensic Analysis on iCloud and its Synchronization to Apple Devices