Marshall University FoundationMarshall University Foundation - 175th anniversary | 2011-2012 Annual Report

175th anniversary | 2011-2012 Annual Report

Donor profile: Jerome Puryear

Jerome Puryear
175:Each year, The Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University is a gateway for outstanding students from across the country to become a part of our community and our tradition. Jerome Puryear found Marshall to be the perfect choice for medical school and has created a scholarship to allow others to follow in his footsteps.

Just about every mother dreams of her child growing up to become a doctor. Jerome Puryear did one better. He not only became a successful doctor with a beautiful family, but he also honored his mother, Ethel Robinson Puryear, by founding a scholarship fund in her memory.


After completing his undergraduate degree at Purdue, he found Marshall to be an ideal place to continue his education.

“Marshall was like a family,” said Dr. Puryear. “The faculty was excellent and really cared about their students.”

After his graduation, Dr. Puryear distinguished himself in many ways, including work at Mount Auburn, a Harvard Community Hospital, the American College of Radiology, at University of Alabama Hospitals, and then to the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Hospital where he earned a Vascular and Interventional Fellowship and a Diagnostic Neuroradiology Fellowship. Today he is a widely-respected radiologist with a special emphasis on improving the quality of life for oncology patients. He currently practices at Kettering Network Radiology in the Dayton area.


“When I was at Marshall, students were always in need of financial assistance. There wasn’t a lot of assistance for me,” said Dr. Puryear. “I made the commitment when I was there that I would create something that would benefit future students.”

“My mom was a surgical nurse. She piqued my curiosity in science and medicine. I saw that she was dedicated to serving people and really made a difference. She inspired me to have compassion for my fellow man. That’s why we dedicated the scholarship to her memory.”

The Dr. Jerome Puryear, Jr. & Dr. Latonya Brown-Puryear Diversity Scholarship Endowment will benefit students with a demonstrated financial need entering medical school at Marshall, and pave the way for a new generation of medical professionals dedicated to relieving suffering, finding new ways to extend quality of life, and keeping people healthier.

Dr. Puryear’s mother would be very proud.