Scholarships - Alphabetical Order

ABC - College - Designation



1439 Scholarship



2012 Huntington Clinical Found Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School Of Medicine Expendable Scholarship



A. T. Proctor Memorial

AVI Scholarship

AVI Staff Scholarship

Dr. Joseph Abramson Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Clark D. Adkins Endowed Scholarship

Robert Henderson Adkins Scholarship

Willard V. & Mamie D. Adkins Scholarship

Robert and Earleen Agee Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Fund

William F. Agee Scholarship in Finance

Geneva Lewis Agee Scholarship

Anthony M. Alberico MD Scholarship

Dr. Robert Alexander College of Business Faculty Award

Robert P. Alexander LCOB Scholarship

Dr. Robert P. and Jacqueline M. Alexander Scholarship

Alpha Natural Resources Scholarship

Alpha Natural Resources Scholarship for Engineering

Alumni Association JMS Scholarship

Dr. Paul W. Ambrose Memorial Fund

American National Rubber Company Scholarship

Huntington Chapter Scholarship American Society of Women Accountants

Dr. Marty Amerikaner Scholarship for Excellence in Professional Psychology

Amsbary and Johnson Inc. Scholarship

Spencer M. Anderson Community Service Scholarship for Boys and Girls Club of Huntington

R. Scott and Maribeth Anderson Endowment for the Society of Yeager Scholars

W.B. Bart and Doris Andrews Fine Arts Scholarship

W. B. Bart and Doris Andrews Scholarship for the College of Business

W.B. Bart and Doris Andrews Scholarship for the Golden Girl Group Home

W.B. Bart and Doris Andrews Scholarship for the School of Medicine

W. B. Bart and Doris Andrews Scholarship for the School of Pharmacy

George R. Andrick WSAZ TV Scholarship

Angelene Battlo Footo Memorial Scholarship

Brian Angle Leadership Award

George M. and Susan F. Arnold Endowment for the Society of Yeager Scholars

Dr. R. Curtis Arnold Endowment for the Yeager Scholars Program

Arnold-Turner Journalism Scholarship

Marshall University Art Department Scholarships

Elmer and Marie Asbury College of Education Scholarship

Ashes to Glory Scholarship

William F. and Georganna R. Ashford Scholarship

Ashland Foundation JMS Scholarship

Jo Ashworth Memorial Scholarship

Athletic Dept Fifth Year Aid

John T. Fravel Atkins Memorial Scholarship

Aubrey King Thundering Word Forensics Scholarship

Howard Austin Memorial Endowment for Autism Training



Catherine and Paul Babb Scholarship

Judy Back Study Abroad Scholarship

Robert Carroll Bailey Memorial Scholarship for School of Medicine

Dr. Charles Bailey Scholarship for SOJMC

William B. Bales Scholarship

Virginia M. (Merle) Ballard Scholarship

Carlos R. Ballard Sr. Mem Scholarship

Paul A. Balshaw Orchestral Program Enrichment Fund

Barboursville Rotary Club Scholarship

Gene R. and Betty C. Bargerhuff Scholarship in Engineering Science

Barnes Agency Scholarship

C. Robert Barnett Annual Faculty Award for Excellence in Research

Sandra Lynn Barnett Memorial Scholarship

Sport and Recreation Barnett Scholarship in Exercise Science

Marjorie Barnett Scholarship

Maxine and Jennings Barrett Scholarship

John Frank Bartlett Scholarship

Bartrum-Brown Football Camp and Charity Event Scholarship

Major General James B. Baylor Scholarship

Rebecca Marshall Baylor Study Abroad Award

Agnes Porter Beaudry Scholarship

Steve and Mary Beckelhimer Science Education Graduate Scholarship

Steve & Mary -310783ED.pdf Beckelhimer Science Education Scholarship

Steve & Mary Beckelhimer Science Education Undergraduate Scholarship

Becker Family Scholarship

Beckley Area Foundation Rick Tolley Memorial Scholarship

Estelle Margaret Belanger Scholarship

Bell Atlantic WV Endowed Scholarship

Grace Bennett Scholarship

The Tennyson J. and Velma L. Bias Endowed Scholarship

Tennyson J. Bias Scholarship

Ada L. Bias- Teacher Education

William J. Bischoff Scholarship

J.W. & Emma Blair Memorial

The Marian Alexander Blake and Merrill Clifford Blake Scholarship in Confederate Literature

Ima Blake Scholarship

Rosanna A. Blake and Fred E. Hulse Scholarship in Confederate History for Graduate Students

Dewey and Judy Bocook Scholarship for Engineering

Mary Garrett & Adron E. & Elsie V. Bolin Scholarship

Evelyn Bonnington Scholarship

Sandra Snyder Book Scholarship Award Department of Social Work

Boone County Friends of MU Scholarship

Alex E. Booth Memorial

Alva G. and Edith Robson Borders Scholarship

Kevin Russell Bowen Memorial Scholarship

Mary Jewell Bowen Memorial Scholarship

Jimmie Jimbo Boyd Jr. Mem Scholarship

Connie Sue Pelfrey Brammer Memorial Scholarship

Brothers Bob David Greg Brammer Scholarship

G. Robert and Sylvia E. Brammer Yeager Scholars Endowment

Hazel Breece Endowment for the Study of Alzheimers Disease

T. Smith Brewer Endowed Scholarship

BrickStreet Scholarship

BrickStreet School of Medicine Scholarship

Brickstreet Bucks for Brains Safety Research Endowment Fund

Brickstreet Safety Scholarship

Brigham Young University Scholarship For the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

A. Dolph Broh Fine Arts Fund

Ida Burks Wilson Broh Scholarship Fund

Julius and Harry Loyal Broh Scholarship

Janet Bromley Fund for Music Travel

Norma J. Bromley Scholarship

Margaret Shrewsbury Brooks Teacher Scholarship

David A. Brosius Memorial Scholarship

France Brothers Award for International Cooperation Between Marshall University and the University of Rennes 2

Gloria Joan Brothers Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gloria Joan Brothers Scholarship for Yeager Scholars

Drs. Jack R. and Barbara R. Brown English Scholarship

Brown Family Student Relief Grant Endowment

Clova and Westie Emmalene Brown Graduate Assistant Endowment

Ruth Flower Brown Memorial Scholarship

Garth Derek Brown Scholarship for Students of Visual Art

Dr. Patrick I. Brown Scholarship

Arthur Browning Memorial Scholarship

Lawrence E. Bruce Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Franklin L. Burdette Memorial Scholarship

Clyde Albert Burgess MD Scholarship

Rose Ann Burgess Scholarship for Music

Frances C. Burgess Scholarship

Edith Marie Anderson Burke and Harvey D. Burke Memorial Scholarship

Glenn W. Burner Memorial Scholarship

Rowland Burns Medical Education Fund

John C. Burris Endowed Scholarship

Lillian Buskirk Scholarship

Admiral Paul D. Butcher Scholarship

Charles Freeman Butler Scholarship School of Nursing

Ruth E. Butler School of Medicine Scholarship

Paula Butterfield Butterfield Scholarship for the School of Pharmacy

Charles Calvin Byrd Scholarship Fund

Erma Byrd Scholarship Program



CSX Diversity Scholarship

Cabell County Board of Insurance Agents Scholarship

Cabell County Medical Society Alliance Scholarship

Cabell County School Counselor Association Scholarship

Virginia Webb Caldwell Performing Arts Memorial Scholarship

JL and Mary Caldwell Scholarship

Carl M. and Marianna F. Callaway Scholarship

Alva and Dixon Callihan John Marshall Scholarship

Donald C. Martin and Ralph P. Hron Memorial Physics Scholarship Callihan

Campaign for Marshall Endowment for Faculty Development

Colin A. Campbell Memorial Scholarship

Nancy Campbell Scholarship

The Sarah K. Carey Carey Fund for Fine Arts Travel

Harry and Elise Carnahan Scholarship Fund

Caro Family Endowment for Marshall University

The Carroll Family Scholarship

Dr. Norval Carter Memorial Loan Fund

Dr. Norval Carter Memorial Medicine Scholarship

James E. Casto Journalism Scholarship

David W. Cavender Memorial Scholarship

Central Ohio Ted Neal Scholarship

Central Vending Staff Scholarship

Ceredo Kenova Mem. Youth Scholarship

H. Truman and Letitia N. Chafin Scholarship

Lafe C. Chafin Scholarship

Robert C. Chuck Chambers Scholarship

Chellgren Scholarship Fund

Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)

Chesapeake Energy Corporation Marshall University Business and Engineering Student Scholarship

Marshall University Choral Union Vocal Scholarship

City National Bank Lectureship

Sam E. Clagg Endowed Scholarship

Sam E. Clagg Geography Department Scholarship

Clark Family Scholarship

Dr. Hannibal D. Clarke Scholarship

The James Clarke and Anna Pauline Scites Cremeans Scholarship for COEHS

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2009 Monica A. Chroussis Endowment

Classified Staff Development Fund

Dr. C. Stafford Clay Endowed Scholarship

Dan Cleckley Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ovie and Jesse Cline John Marshall Scholarship

Club Tax Network Inc.

Edith Cobbs Scholarship

Ezra H. Cochran Scholarship

R.E. Cohen Loan Fund

Bessie and Isador Cohen Memorial Scholarship

Isabel E. Cole Music Scholarship

Joseph Colker Memorial Endowment for Forensic Science

Margie Crabtree Coltrane Journalism Scholarship

Colonel Edward and Madeliene Comer Scholarship

Community Trust Bank Scholarship

Dr. Amy L. & Colonel James W. Conley Scholarship

Cookbook Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Coon Emergency Medical Student Loan Program

Dean Robert W. Coon MD Endowment

Class of 1981 Robert W. Coon MD Scholarship

Cooper Leadership Award

Elinor Copenhaver Scholarship

Lee Corbin Endowed Scholarship in Business Administration

Jack L. Corron Memorial Scholarship

Coston McDonald Memorial Scholarship

Daniel J. and Teresa R. Cowell Memorial Scholarship School of Medicine

Dora Craig Memorial Scholarship

Doris H. and William D. Crigger M.D. Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Cubby and Family Scholarship

Lavona Culp Scholarship

Mary Catheline Hatfield Cumberledge Endowment for Yeager

George Mickey CurryWSAZ-TV Broadcast Scholarship

Thomas and Dora Cyrus Memorial Scholarship

Evan M. and Margaret B. Cyrus Scholarship

Sally O. Cyrus Scholarship



Isabelle G. Daine Scholarship for Yeager Scholars

Lauren Simpkins Damron Memorial Fund

Miss H. Perk Daniels Endowed Scholarship

Darby Family Scholarship

David L. and Janet Meade Endowment for Political Science and History

Charles & Marilyn Davidson Scholarship

Frank M. Deacon Scholarship

Tim Deaton Scholarship

James H. Debord Memorial Scholarship

Delahaye Family Alumni Scholarship

William N. Denman Communication Studies Graduate Award

Sarah Denman Scholarship for Study Abroad

Department of Orthopaedics Fourth Year Medical Student Scholarship

Department of Orthopaedics Third Year Medical Student Scholarship

Dr. Leonard Deutsch Graduate College Professional Development Fund

Diabetes and Endocrinology Endowment for the Department of Internal Medicine

Hobert L. Dickenson Memorial Endowment for the Yeager Scholars Program

Harriet M. Dixon Early American Antebellum Civil War Book Culture Research Fund

Doctors for Our Communities Program

Floral F. Dodson Scholarship

Paul R. and Letha B Douglas Scholarship

Bernice Dorset and Lyell V. Douthat Endowed Medical School Scholarship

Dr. M. Idrees and Dr. Ghazala Q. Khokar School of Medicine Fund

John Deaver Drinko Scholarship

Jeffrey Alan Duboff Memorial Scholarship

Walter E. Duling Scholarship

Lyell and Pauline Dunfee Douthat

Thomas W. Dunfee Memorial Scholarship

Paul R. Durst MD Scholarship

Dr. Surendra Nath and Mrs. Shashi Dwivedi Scholarshp for SOM

Roger Dyer Memorial Scholarship



Eagle Distributing Company Scholarship

William J. Echols M.D. Memorial Scholarship

Virginia Pauley Echols Scholarship

Economics Program Scholarship

The Kathy Eddy New Horizons Fund

James F. and Joan C. Edwards Scholarship

Herbet Louis Eiselstein Memorial Scholarship

Maryellen Mees Wise Eiselstein Scholarship

Elizabeth Scholarship

Gilbert S. Elliott Scholarship

Pamela K. Ellis Scholarship

Stephen H. Ellis Scholarship

Misty Dawn Endicott Memorial Scholarship

Engineers Club of Huntington Endowed Scholarship

Lillian Ennis Scholarship

Enterprise Holdings and College Summit Peer Leadership Scholarship

J. and L. Eskridge Scholarship

Esposito Lectureship

Bettye Esposito Scholarship Fund

Evans Family Scholarship

Sterling and Crystal Evans Memorial Scholarship



Faces of Appalachia (ASA)

Faces of Appalachia (COLA)

James L. and Bobbie Webb Farley Yeager Scholars Endowment

Michael J. Farrell Graduate Assistantship for Student Leadership

Anne McGuire Farrell Memorial Scholarship

Irvin William Faulkner Scholarship

Dr. Madeleine Hoffman Feil Memorial Scholarship

Milton J. and Betty Eichenmiller Ferguson Medical Scholarship

Greg Ferguson Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Paul and Mrs. Allison Ferguson Scholarship

Theron Albert Ferrari Scholarship

Bertha S. Filson Endowed Scholarship

Judi Fine Cellist and Teacher Memorial Scholarship

Mildred E. Fizer Scholarship

Fred & Eunice Fleshman Scholarship

J.H. Fletcher & Co. Scholarship for Engineering

Kathlyn Holway Fletcher H.E.L.P. Fund

James H. and Ruth L. Fletcher John Marshall Scholarship

J. Robert Fletcher Professorship for Engineering

Richard E. Rock Fliess Endowed Scholarship

Maurice J. Flynn Jr. Yeager Scholars Fund

Dr. Thomas G. Folsom Pediatrics Award Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Ford Scholarship

Fort Gay High School Memorial Scholarship

Stephen Charles Foster Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Virginia Foulk Memorial Fund

Fox Family Scholarship

Robert E. Fox Geology Field Camp Endowment

Robert E. and Sue Wylie Fox Scholarship for Yeager Scholars

Jeannine Y. Francis Endowment for Yeager Scholars

Dixie Franklin Memorial Scholarship

Anna T. Fricke Scholarship

Fruth Pharmacy Employees Scholarship

Fruth Pharmacy Scholarship

Fruth Pharmacy Scholarship for the School of Pharmacy

Jack E. and Frances Babs Fruth Scholarship for Marshall University Mid-Ohio Valley Center

Faith Fry Memorial Scholarship

William R. Fugitt Scholarship

Dr. Danny G. Fulks Memorial Scholarship



Gannett Distinguished Professorship in Journalism

General Scholarships Restricted

Mary Gentry Endowment

Department of Geology Endowed Scholarship

Mary W. George Medical Technology Scholarship

Colonel Aaron C-Dot George Scholarship

Dr. Neil L. Gibbins Scholarship

Verna K. and James E. Gibson Endowed Scholarship

Philip Pendleton Gibson H.E.L.P. Center for Professional Development

James E. Gibson Scholarship

Verna K. LeMasters Gibson Scholarship

William B. & Cora Alice Gibson Scholarship

Joseph M. Gillette Yeager Scholars Endowment Fund

Mary A. Goins Scholarship

Janice Chandler Gold Music Education Scholarship

Eva and Louis Goldstein Memorial Scholarship

Dorothy Goodman Memorial Scholarship

Goodwin Family Scholarship

Gough Family Scholarship

Dr. Charles J. Gould Botany Scholarship Travel Award

Graduate Keyboard Award

Graduate Scholarship in Counseling (MUGC SC)

Graduate Scholarship in Special Education

Patricia Sadler Graham Scholarship in COEPD

Greater Baltimore Alumni Club Scholarship

Greater TriState Development Corporation Endowment

Greater Washington D.C. Area Club Scholarship

Bruce Greenwood Scholarship in Theatrical Design and Technology

David C. Griffin MD Scholarship for the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Jim Groscup Award

Frederick J. Gumm Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Gunnoe Sr.

Dr. Barbara Guyer COEHS Service Award

Guyer Expendable Scholarship

Barbara Priddy Guyer Honorary Scholarship



HIMG Founders Scholarship

Garrie J. and Madeline D. Haas School of Medicine Endowed Scholarship

Virginia Haase Scholarship

Virginia T. Habeeb Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kathryn Ann Goodman Haddad Fund

Dr. Mary Louise Tweel Haddad Scholarship

Mary Louise Tweel Haddad Scholarship

Norman and Jo Anne Haddad Scholarship

David E. Haden Scholarship

Dr. Roscoe Hale Endowed Scholarship

Jay Hall Jr. Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Hall Scholarship Fund

Rosa Lee and R. Sterling Hall Scholarship Fund

John B. Hamilton Scholarship

Sean K. and Beth L. Hammers Scholarship

Julia R. and Gray W. Hampton Jr. Scholarship

Grover Hamrick Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Hanshaw Sr. Scholarship Fund

Harbold & Garrett Nursing Award

Buck Harless Scholarship for Yeager Scholars

Harless Teacher of the Year Award

Donald B. Harper Scholarship

Harrah Family Scholarship

Cathryn Gibbs Harris Public Relations Scholarship

Rinard Z. and Margaret Ann Gibson Hart Endowment Erickson Alumni Center

Dr. Rinard Z. Hart and Margaret Ann Gibson Hart Scholarship

Dr. Mark and Monica Hatfield Adopt a Medical Student

Dr. Steven Hunter Hatfield Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Henry Drury Hatfield Scholarship in Medicine

Sandra Soto Hatfield Scholarship

Hatfield Teaching Candidate Award

L. Page and Helen D. Hay Scholarship

Dr. Robert Hayes College of Business Faculty Award

Ruth Harrison Hayes Memorial Scholarship

Timothy L. Haymaker Yeager Scholars Endowment

Dr. Herschel Heath Scholarship in History

James A. and Virginia M. Heckman Graduate Scholarship in Athletic Training

Dr. Charles E. Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award

Charles B. and Mary Jo Locke Hedrick Scholarships

Hedrick Tutoring Program

Mrs. Anagene Bartram Heiner Lectureship Fund

Martha Theunert Helbig

Callie E. and M. L. Peggy Henderson Scholarship

Hensley Family Endowement JCESOM

Herbarium Endowment Fund

John and Jane Hess Accounting Scholarship

Dr. Robert Hess School of Medicine Scholarship

Mahmood Heydarian M.D. Scholarship

Homer Hickam Sr. Scholarship

Leah Hickman Memorial Scholarship in Journalism

Dr. Dorothy Hicks Annual Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence

Dorothy E Hicks Physical Education Scholarship

Dr. Dorothy E. Hicks Scholarship

John Q Hill Memorial Scholarship

Hinchman Archive Memorial Fund

Alan Hissem Scholarship for Engineering

Jane Hobson Memorial Scholarship

Jerry and Margaret Hodge School of Medicine Scholarship

Jerry and Margaret Hodge School of Pharmacy Scholarship

Mary H. and Churchill J. Hodges Library Endowment

Dr. Frank and Amine Hodges Memorial Scholarship

Richard Jarrel Hodges Memorial Scholarship

Virgil E. and Irene O. Hodges Memorial Scholarship

Mary C. Baker Meadows and Linda A. Meadows Hodges Nursing Scholarship

Mary H. and J. Churchill Hodges School of Pharmacy Scholarship

J. Churchill Hodges Summer Scholars

Dr. Charles A. Hoffman Library Endowment Fund

Dr. Frederick J. and Agnes Marie Hoitash Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Holbrook Memorial Medical Scholarship

J. Marshall Holcomb Scholarship

Hometown Sportswear Scholarship

John J. Honaker Memorial ROTC Scholarship

Honors Council Fund

Marshall E. and Dorothy A. Hood Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Hooser Geology Endowment

Ron H. and Lisa R. Hooser Scholarship

Houvouras Family Scholarship Fund

Dr. Shirley Martin Howard Scholarship

Louise Price Hoy Latin Prize

Hence and Mazey Huff Memorial Scholarship for Graduates of Gilbert High School

Roy and Barbara Huffman Scholarship for Students from Braxton County

Terrence Lee Hughes Memorial Scholarship

George W. and Annie B. Hughes Scholarship Fund

Raymond V. Humphreys Scholarship

Theodore Ted Hundley III Scholarship

Joseph W. Hunnicutt III Yeager Scholars Endowment

G. G. Hunter M. D. Memorial Fund

Huntington Clinical Foundation Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Expendable Scholarship

Huntington East High School Class of 1946 Scholarship

Huntington Elks Lodge 313 Tom C. Smith Trust Scholarship

Huntington Locomotive Shop Employee Dependent Children Scholarship

Huntington Pediatric Clinic Council Scholarship

Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce and Generation Huntington Scholarship

President Stephen J. Kopp Memorial Huntington Rotary Club Scholarship

Huntington Steel Sculpture Competition

The Wilburn and Maxine Hurst Academic Scholarship

John E. Huxley Memorial Scholarship for Physical Therapy

John E. Huxley Memorial Scholarship for Special Education

General James C. Hylton R.O.T.C. Scholarship

Cora E. Hypes Scholarship Trust



INC. Scholarship for International Students INSURANCE FOR STUDENTS

Leo V. Imperi Music Scholarship Fund

Inco Alloys International Inc. Endowment for Faculty Development



JCESOM Class of 2015 Clinical Skills Center Fund

JCESOM Scholarship Campagin Endowment

Dr. Joseph S. Jablonski Memorial Scholarship

The Richard Delyn Jackson Distinguished Professorship in the College of Business

Richard Delyn Jackson Endowment for Yeager Scholars

Belle and Lynam Jackson Memorial Scholarship

Elmer H. Jackson Memorial Scholarship

Fran L. Jackson Memorial Scholarship

Harold and Mary Jo Jackson Memorial Scholarship

Mary James Scholarship

John D. Janey Scholarship

Mr. Fred L. and Mrs. Louise J. Janssen Scholarship for the School of Medicine

Joan C. Edwards Charitable Foundation School of Medicine Expendable Scholarship

Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Alumni Association Past Presidents Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1982 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1983 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1984 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1985 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1986 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1987 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1988 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1989 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1990 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1991 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1992 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1993 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1994 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1995 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1996 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1997 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1998 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 1999 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2001 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2002 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2003 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2004 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2005 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2006 Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2008 Endowment

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2010 Endowment in memory of Monica A. Chroussis

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2011 Endowment

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2012 Endowment

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2013 Endowed Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2014 Endowed Scholarship

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Class of 2016 Scholarship

Dr. Winfield C. John Memorial

C. Bosworth Bos Johnson Johnson Memorial Scholarship

Mary H. Johnson Research Grant

James E. and Mary Chambers Johnston Endowed Scholarship

J. Patrick and Cynthia D. Jones Endowment for University's Greatest Needs

Christopher Thomas Jones Memorial Scholarship

Jenny Jones Memorial Scholarship

Sheldon and Connie Lynn Jones Scholarship

Sheldon and Connie Lynn Jones Scholarship

Junior League Garden Club Scholarship

Lowell Hartley and Frank Justice Scholarship



Dr. Guru Kademani Memorial Scholarship in Management

Kalayci Family Scholarship

Helen Kantor Lindsey and AJ Kantor Scholarship

Dr. W. Carl Kappes Memorial

John R. Karickhoff M.D. Expendable Scholarship

Virigina M. Keadle Scholarship for John Marshall Scholars

Robert Wesley Keatley Memorial Scholarship

Keith Albee Founders Trust Scholarship

Chertow and Keller Family Endowment for the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Linda Royer Kennedy Scholarship

James Corbin and Anita Parsons Kessel Scholarship

Virginia H. Keys Scholarship

Dr Chong W. Kim Endowed Scholarship

Elisabeth Davidson Kimbler Award for Study Abroad

The King Sisters Scholarship

Tim & Christie Kinsey Pioneer Scholarship

Sue B. Kinzer and A. E. Haden Memorial Scholarship

Virginia D. Kirkwood Scholarship

Wallace E. Knight Excellence in Writing Award

E.D. Knight Graduate Scholarship in C.I.T.E. Programs MUGC SC

Koch-Oliver Nursing Loan Program Altrusa Club of Huntington

Chang L. Kong Scholarship for Excellence in Chemistry

Arthur B. Koontz Scholarship

President Stephen Kopp and First Lady Jane Kopp Art and Design Competitions

Stephen J. Kopp Memorial Endowment Fund for Achievement in the Visual Arts

Kowalski Family Scholarship

Edith B. Kramer (Class of 1935) Scholarship

Joseph and Stella Krimsky Scholarship

Gene Kuhn Memorial Scholarship

Drs. Subhash and Rashmi Kumar Scholarship



Charles C. and Lilly Faye Lanham Scholarship for College of Business

Charles C. & Lilly F. Lanham Scholarship

Dr. John W. Larson Research Endowment for the College of Science

Rachel Lauren Lavelley Memorial Scholarship

Dallas Eugene Gene Lawhun Scholarship

Major Christopher Todd LeMaster Scholarship

Ernest Leaberry Memorial Scholarship

Margie A. Hinerman Leap Scholarship

Donald Leckie Memorial Scholarship

Tom & Sally McNeill Lemke Fund to Enhance the College of Science

Tom & Sally McNeill Lemke Scholarship

Lemotto Smith John Goodno Fellowship Aquatic Biology Research

Lemotto Smith Trust

Charles Bradrick and Margaret Ruth Lewellen Lewis Scholarship for the School of Medicine

Dr. & Mrs. Milton J. Lilly Sr. Memorial

Lincoln County Friends of Marshall Club Scholarship

LivingShield Endowment for Marshall University

Melvin C. and Dorothy M. Lockhart Scholarship

Kenneth Karl Loemker Scholarship

Eloise Campbell Long Memorial Scholarship for Singers

Edward H. & Hilda S. Long Scholarship

Dr. Frederick J. Lotspeich Scholarship in Biomedical Sciences

Anna V. Love Scholarship for College of Science

Dr. Susann Lea Lovejoy Memorial Scholarship

Jonathan Y. and Robert B. Lowe Family Scholarship

Lowes Scholarship

The Lubin Family Schlarship

Connie Lubin Scholarship for Yeager Scholars

Monica Ann Lucas Memorial Scholarship



MU Alumni Phoenix Chapter Scholarship

MU Employee or Dependent Endowed Scholarship

MU Mid-Ohio Valley Center Scholarship

MU School of Pharmacy Scholarship

MUAA Events and Activities Endowment

MUJCESOM Community Leadership Scholarship

Dr. Robert F. Maddox Memorial Thesis Research Award

Maier Clinical Research Professorship

Susan Runyan Maier Distance Learning Classroom

Maier Foundation Yeager Scholarship

William J. Maier Jr. Latin Awards and Scholarship

Maier Professorship of Addiction Services

Edward H. Maier Scholarship for Kanawha Valley

Maier Scholarships for Student Relief

John R. Dick Maloney MD Scholarship

Dr. Thomas J. and Mary A Manakkil Memorial Scholarship

Marcum Family Scholarship

Richard Marks Endowed Scholarship

Thomas A. & Mary Ward Maroney Scholarship

Marquee Cinemas Scholarship

Marshall Cardiology Scholarship

Marshall Family Medicine Scholarship

Marshall Health Scholarship

Jerrold M. Marshall Memorial Scholarship

Sylvia and Milton Marshall Memorial Scholarship

Marshall Neuroscience Scholarship

Marshall Obstetrics and Gynecology Fourth Year Medical Student Scholarship

Marshall Surgery Scholarship

Marshall University Alumni Association Club Scholarshi In Honor of Linda S. Holmes

Marshall University Alumni of the Mid-Ohio Valley Thundering Bison Club

Marshall University Foundation Grant for West Virginia Students

Marshall University Foundation Recruitment and Retention Grant

Marshall University Foundation Student Relief Grant

Brent A. Marsteller Scholarship

Masonic Scholarship Endowment Trust of West Virginia

Massey Energy Engineering Scholarship

Retha Fox Massey Memorial Scholarship

John D. Maurice Scholarship

Maxine Garrett Feldmeier and Arthur Nelson Davidson Endowment Fund

Paul J. Mayer Leadership West Virginia Scholarship

Gordon A. Mays Scholarship

Ambrose E. McCaskey Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

Charles R. and Mary Burris McCollister Scholarship School of Medicine

Iva B. and Seward W. McComas Scholarship Fund

Betty Frame McConihay Memorial Scholarship

Lester F. and Nellie Davis McCorkle Endowed Scholarship

Nancy Marie McCoy Expendable Scholarship

W. Raymond McCoy Track Scholarship

Joseph K. and Karen P. McDonie Scholarship

Kermit E. McGinnis Distinguished Professorship in the Elizabeth McDowell Lewis College of Business

B. C. McGinnis Jr. Scholarship

Gene McKee Memorial Scholarship

Charles H. McKown Jr. M.D. Endowed Scholarship

C. H. Jackie and Mary Sinclair McKown Memorial Educational Endowment for School of Medicine

Kyle G. McMullen Scholarship in Accounting

John H. Mead Low Brass Scholarship for Music

David L. and Janet Meade Scholarship

Anna Lee Meador Memorial Scholarship

Meadows Pediatric Scholarship

Memorial Scholarship Fund

George F. & Linnie Merritt Scholarship

Mid-Ohio Valley Alumni Thundering Bison Club Scholarship Endowment

Middy Midkiff Phi Alpha Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Scott E. Miller Family Scholarship

R.G. Miller Jr. Distinguished Chair in Business

Edith M. Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund

Bernard L. and Sylvia Rosen Miller Memorial Scholarship

Nancy Elizabeth Miller Memorial Scholarship

Hron Miller Physics Physical Science Endowment

Alpha Delta Kappa Doris C. Miller Scholarship

Eva Louise Miller Scholarship

Jane Whitley Mittendorf Science Scholarship

Philip and Jean Modlin Scholarship

Louis R Molina MD Scholarship for the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Moline Kiwanis Club Scholarship

H. D. (Dan) Moore and Jewell Ridgeway Moore Memorial Scholarship

Frances Lucille Turley & Joseph Charles Morecraft Jr. Scholarship

Jean O. Morris Scholarship Endowment

Ruth Caraway Morris Scholarship

E. Dale Morrison Memorial Scholarship

College of Nursing and Health Profession Morton Award

Giovanna B. Morton Memorial Scholarship

Robby Moss Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Maurice & Diane Mufson Award

Dr. Maurice A. and Diane W. Mufson Second Year Medical Student Schoarship for JCE School of Medicine

Earl Mullineaux Trust Scholarship

Multicultural Scholarships

Dr. Harold Timothy Murphy Memorial Scholarship

James C. Musser Kappa Alpha Order Scholarship

Wilbur E. Myers Memorial Scholarship for Remedial H.E.L.P.



Kadiresan Sannasi & Mallikai Pushpam of the Nadar Family Foundation Scholarship

Mildred M. Nall Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Guy C Nangle Scholarship Fund

Jeff Nathan Scholarship

Mark O. Naylor Scholarship

Harold E. Neely Political Science Scholarship

Dr. Richard Negangard Memorial Future Teachers Scholarship

Dr. Robert C. Nerhood Education and Training Endowment

Steve & Amy New Scholarship

Paul H. Nicely Scholarship

Richard M. Niles Ph.D. Endowment

Florentine Nitzschke Memorial

Inez Leonora Brown Noble Memorial Scholarship

John Myron Noble Memorial

Pauline Rollyson Nohe Memorial Scholarship

North Carolina Coal Institute Scholarship

Northrop Corporation Endowed Scholarship



Brian OConnor Memorial Scholarship

Dan OHanlon Constitutional Day Essay

Ohio Valley Accountants Association Accounting Scholarship

Ohio Valley Bank Scholarship

E. Jane Malpy Olds Memorial Scholarship Fund

Oliashirazi Family Scholarship

Robert D. Olson Professional Development Fund in Speech Pathology

One Room Schoolhouse and Philip E. Cline Plaza Fund

Robert and Debbie Osborne Scholarship

Howard and Janet Oswald Memorial Scholarship in Engineering

Outstanding Black High School Student Scholarship

Outstanding Theatre Student Scholarship

Thelma V. Owen Memorial Fund



Margaret Pace Scholarship

Clayton R. Page Scholarship

James Angelos Pappas Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Parabon Computation Inc. Award

Parkersburg Mid-Ohio Valley Alumni Club Scholarship

Virginia Parrish Study Abroad Award

The John E. Pauley CLU ChFC LCOB Endowed Scholarship

Kelly A. Peller M. D. Scholarship

Nancy Pelphrey Scholarship Cheerleading Squad

Nancy Pelphrey Scholarship Marching Band Flag Corp and Dance Team

Pepsi Scholarship

Simon Perry Scholarship in Political Science

James Marvin Peters Scholarship

Bob and Chris Petteys Award in Art and Music

William C. Pew Research Endowment

Shelba Glenn F Pew Research Fund for the College of Science

Pharmacy Professional Development

Philippine Medical Association of WV Endowed Scholarship

Phillipine Medical Association of West Virginia Endowed Scholarship

Phillippine Medical Association of WV Endowed Scholarship

C. Douglas Phillips MD FACR Scholarhsip

Mitchell W. Phillips Memorial Scholarship

Phon A Thon Scholarship

Robert Leon Piltz and Ethel Frances Dulaney Piltz John Marshall Scholarship

William Page Pitt Journalism Scholarship Fund

Dr. William Plumley Scholarship

R. Thomas and Judith L. Plummer Scholarship Fund

Lyle F. and Edith Plymale Memorial Scholarship

Dorothy Lewis Polan & Lake Polan Jr

Bertha M. and Lake Polan Scholarship Fund

Lake and Louise Polan Scholarship

Helen M. Potts Scholarship for Yeager Scholars

Presidential Scholarship

E. Joann Price Memorial Scholarship

Herschel C. Price Scholarship

Prichard Medical School Scholarship

The Larry Prichard Memorial Scholarship

Prichard School Board Scholarship Fund

Geraldine A. Pritchard Endowed Scholarship

Courtney Phillips Proctor and Pete Proctor Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Jerome Puryear Jr. & Dr. Latonya Brown Puryear Diversity Scholarship Endowment

Martilu Puthoff Scholarship

The Ruth Hawk Putz Scholarship in Piano



Glenn J and Carol B. Queen Endowed Scholarship

Ethel K. Pickens Glenn and Carol Queen Endowment for Excellence in Teaching

Lamina Faye Maynard Queen Memorial Graduate Research Scholarship



R.A.D.A.R. Community Service Scholarship Award

ROTC Scholarship

Radiology Graduates Scholarship

Radiology Inc. Scholarship for the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Rahal Family Educational Fund

Maxine McGinnis Ramsey Memorial Fund

Ethel Ramsey Scholarship Fund

Joyce Holmes Randall Memorial Research Award in Nursing

Jennings Randolph Scholarship for Disabled Students

Ratcliff Family Scholarship

Manly Keith Ray Memorial Scholarship

William L. and Senator Marie E. Redd Expendable Scholarship

Matthew Anderson Reese Jr. Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Charles O. Reynolds Medical Scholarship Fund

Marshall and Shirley Reynolds Outstanding Teacher Award

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Reynolds Scholarship Fund

Dr. Charlotte A. Rhee Scholarship for the JCE School of Medicine

Dr. Ezra B Riber Scholarship

Richardson Family Scholarship for the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Richey Family Endowed Scholarship for the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Wallace T. and Ada Parker Rife Scholarship for Yeager Scholars

Howard M. Rife Scholarship

River Cities Alumni Club Scholarship

Alfred D. Roberts III Memorial Award

Randall Robinson Endowment for the Communication Disorders Clinic

Bus and Betty Robinson Scholarship

Randall A. Robinson Scholarship

Rodeo Scholarship

Mabel B. and Robert G. Rollyson Memorial Scholarship

Charles E. and Shirly R. Romine Scholarship

George T. Rorrer Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Chester and Gold Roush Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jane Shelton Roy Scholarship for Theatre

Nate Ruffin Scholarship



SMC Electrical Products Scholarship in Technical Management

Julia A. Sadd Scholarship in Journalism

Sadler Brothers Scholarship

Ernie Salvatore Scholarship

Juanita Carpenter Sammons Scholarship

Mona Wellman Sansom Scholarship Fund

Herschel Howard Sargent Memorial Fund

Saunders-Barrnett Accounting Scholarship

Joe and Anna Saynog Scholarship

Scandia Scholarship

Drs. Andrew H. and Patricia S. Schindzielorz Scholarship

Schneider Family Endowed Scholarship

Marshall University School of Medicine Faculty Scholarship

Marshall University School of Medicine Graduate Endowment

Marshall University School of Medicine Medical Student Scholarship Loan Program

School of Medicine Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Robert W. and Barbara L. Schrier Research Endowment

Jeanette Kitto Schumacher Scholarship for Criminal Justice

Francis A. Scott Scholarship

William A. Seacrist Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Class of 2012 Seidler

Sekar Family Scholarship

The Agnes and Wyatt Self Memorial Scholarship for Engineering

The Agnes and Wyatt Self Memorial Scholarship for Fine Arts

Service Pump and Supply Co. Inc. Scholarship

Ruth Sevy Scholarship

Sharon Shaffer Endowment for Society of Yeager Scholars

Charles Robert Shank Scholarship

James Edgar Shank Sr. and Rachel Goodard Shank Scholarship

Lorena P. Shank Scholarship

Shannon Ewing Sexton Memorial Scholarship

Mary R. Shapiro Scholarship

Sanjeev S. Sharma MD and Barbara A. Lahr MD Scholarship

Vernon Sharp Endowed Scholarship

Dr. John J. and Mary S. Sheridan Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Mark F. Sheridan and Family Endowed Schoarship

Shewey Family Scholarship

Shewey Research and Learning Center

Richard E. Scooter Shreve Graduate Scholarship in Athletic Training

Anne M. Shuff Scholarship

Charles R. Shuff Scholarship

Dr. Franklin D. Shuler Endowed Scholarship

Sigma Kappa Delta Beta Chapter Scholarship

The Silver Scholarship

Dora L. Simmons Memorial Scholarship for Criminal Justice

Roger W. Simmons Scholarship for Criminal Justice

Phillip G. Simmons Scholarship

Dr. O. Norman Simpkins Memorial Scholarship

Nannie R. Skeens Memorial Scholarship

Tommy and Joan Skeeter Family Scholarship

Dr. Howard A. Slaatte Endowment for Society of Yeager Scholars

Charles E. Slack Athletic Scholarship Fund

Charles E. and Alma M. Slack Scholarship Fund for Yeager Scholars

Joseph A. Slash Endowment Scholarship

Slater Fund School of Medicine

Clyde and Pansy Slater Scholarship Fund

Susan Ruth Smith Bradberry Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Kevin S. and Mrs. Tammy C. Smith Endowed Scholarship for the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Smith Family Scholarship Fund The Brad and Alys

Evelyn Hollberg Smith Memorial Scholarship

Evelyn Hollberg Smith Memorial Scholarship

Greg Smith Memorial Scholarship

Stewart H. Smith Memorial Scholarship

Linda McCoy Smith and Lisa Ann Smith Neurology Endowment

Richard E. Smith Scholarship for Engineering

Meade & Althea Nance Smith Scholarship

Meade E. and Althea Nance Smith Scholarship

Delbert E. and Ella Smith Trust Scholarship

Snowshoe Institute Award of Excellence

Somerville and Company Accounting Scholarship Fund

Sue Soto Scholarship for Strings

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Soto Scholarship

AFL-CIO Charles A. Spurlock Scholarship Southwestern District Labor Council

Harold K. and Elizabeth Lincoln Spears Memorial Scholarship

General Endowment for Special Collections

Spriggs Family Scholarship Amendment 2016

Delbert Carney Staats Memorial Scholarship

Staley Scholarship Fund

Major General and Mrs. David W. Stallings ROTC Scholarship

Sam Stanley Memorial Scholarship

Sam Stanley Sigma Alpha Epsilon Scholarship

Dr. Catherine Anne Gallant Steele Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Charles R. Stephen Memorial Scholarship

Richard J. Stevens M.D. Memorial Endowed Fund for Support of Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Research Day

Hugh D. and Elizabeth Gwinn Stillman Endowed Scholarship Fund

Alma M. Stollings Memorial Medical Scholarship

Marvin L. Stone Award

Marvin L. Stone Memorial Journalism Scholarship

Marbin L. Stone SOJMC Library Endowment

Jeri Stoner Memorial

Adrian Michelle Cheli Stover Memorial Scholarship

Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund

Students of Opera Award

Dr. Thomas B Styer Scholarship

John J. Subik Memorial Scholarship

Sundaram Family Scholarship

John T. Sydnor Scholarship



Tabor Jones

Take a Seat Campaign Endowed Fund

The Donald Cain Tarter Biological Sciences Student Research Scholarship

Dr. Wayne G. Taylor Graduate Scholarship

Dr. W. Howard and Ann P. Taylor Memorial Scholarship

Stuart W. Thomas Jr. Undergraduate Research Award in Psychology

Morris E. and Kathleen Thomas Memorial Scholarship for Engineering

Jon Edward Thomas Memorial

Charles Thompson Memorial Scholarship

Charles and Elzada Thompson Memorial Scholarship

E.T. and Willie J. Thompson Memorial Scholarship

Hildegard B. Thompson Memorial Scholarship

C. I. and Marie Thornburg Scholarship for Yeager Scholars

Henry E. Thornburg Scholarship

Ruth Flowers Thornton Scholarship

Gary M. Tolley M.D. Memorial Scholarship

Tom D. Miller Award for Excellence in Public Affairs Reporting

Touma Family Scholarship

Touma Scholarship for Hearing Impaired

Joseph and Omayma Touma Scholarship

Jane Snyder Trainor Scholarship School of Nursing

Walter C. Treanor Memorial

Dr. R. D. Tredway Scholarship in Safety Technology

Tri-State Building Trades and Tri-State Contractors Association Scholarship

J. Kaye Trippy Scholarship in the Fine Arts

Elizabeth Trippy Scholarship

Florence Troutman Scholarship Endowment

Frank Scott Tucker Memorial Scholarship Fund for Music

Sherri Turley Scholarship

G. Terry Turner Scholarship

Elaine K. Tutt Memorial Scholarship

Jacob Oliver and Helen N. Tutwiler Endowed Scholarship

Tutwiler Endowment for the Study of Learning Differences

James and Sally Tweel Scholarship

Larry and Cheryl Tweel Scholarship

Twentieth Street Bank Scholarships

A. Mervin Tyson Honors Award



John and Donna Underwood Endowment for the Yeager Program

John & Donna Underwood Scholarship for the School of Pharmacy

Underwood-Smith Scholarship

Jack and Pauline Upton Scholarship Fund



Edward and Anne Valentovic Memorial Scholarship

VanHoose-Stewart Foundation Award

Gregory Dean Vanmeter Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Vanzandt Scholarship

Katherine Vasvary Music Fund

Joseph Vasvary Scholarship Fund

Verizon-WV Scholarship for Technology

Thelma Y & William J. Vest Scholarship

Carole A. Vickers Memorial Scholarship

The Charlie Viers 64 Scholarship in Life Sciences

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 949 Scholarship

Janet S. Vineyard College of Business Accreditation Endowment



WSAZ Staff Development Fund

Dan and Virginia Wagoner Scholarship

Ernest M. Walker M.D. Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Monica L. Richey Walker Scholarship

Dr. John B. Wallace Jr. Memorial Scholarship

William A. Wallace Memorial Scholarship

Sally Garrett Walters Memorial Scholarship

John P. Ward Memorial Scholarship Society of Yeager Scholars

Cynthia A. Warren Medical Student Scholarship

William Eugene Watson Scholarship

Thurman and Patricia Cooper Watts Scholarship

Wayne County Expendable

We Are Marshall Endowed Scholarship

Thelma W. Weber Scholarship Fund

Drs. Mitch Charles and Paulette S. Wehner Scholarship

Weill History Essay

Joan and Arthur Weisberg Charitable Lead Trust Expendable Scholarship for SOM

Joan and Art Weisberg Scholarship for Computer Science

Bernard C. and Pansy P. Wellington Professorship of Cardiology

Bernard C. & Patsy P. Wellington Scholarship

The Wellman Family Foundation Scholarship

Clyde A. Wellman Scholarship for the School of Journalism

Helen K. Wellman Scholarship

Richard Gray Wendell Memorial

Wendy's Carol Carter Memorial

West Virginia Literacy Foundation Scholarship

D.C. Book Scholarship Fund West Virginia Society of Washington

West Virginia State Medical Association Alliance Scholarship

Beatrice and M. G. Al Wheeler Endowment for Yeager

Rob Wheeler Memorial Scholarship

Robert Alan Wheeler S.C.O.R.E.S. Scholarship

Harold R. (Steve) and Sarah Slack Wheeler Scholarship

Dr. Donnah Wolodkin Whitaker Expendable Scholarship

Dr. Donnah Wolodkin Whitaker Scholarship

George and Sandra White HELP Scholarship

Charles F. White Scholarship

Fred Wilkerson Memorial Scholarship

Dr. R. J. Wilkinson Memorial Medical Scholarship

Price Williams Scholarship Fund

Mary Poindexter Williams Scholarship

Drs. R. Trenor Williams and Matt W. Lambert Endowed Scholarship

Wilson Family Endowment

Dixie Hudson Wilson and Richard Lee Wilson Nursing Scholarship

Roy Richard Windon Memorial Scholarship

Janis Winkfield Scholarship

Dr. Steve Winn Memorial Scholarship

Judge Ernest E. Winters Scholarship Fund

John Ralph Witten Memorial

Harry and Betty Wolfe Lectureship Fund

Harry and Betty Wolfe Wolfe Lectureship Fund

Dr. Robert D. Wolff Memorial Endowment Fund

Women of Marshall Scholarship

Dallas and Novella Woodrum Scholarship

Ed & Jan Wright Photography Scholarship

Homer C. and Lois B. Wright Scholarship

Moxie W. Wright Scholarship



Robert E. Yancey Sr. Professorship in Entrepreneurship

Yeager Scholars Endowment Agreement

Kevin W. Yingling M.D. Scholarship

W.E. Blevins & R.L. Yost Loan

Gregory Young Memorial Scholarship



Ben Zadd Trust

Philip N. Zambos M.D. Scholarship

Dr. Nicholas Zambos Memorial Scholarship

Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity Scholarship

E.A. and Rebecca Zimmerman Scholarship

Samuel J. Zygner Memorial Scholarship

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