Greek Leadership Certificate

Marshall University Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life

Greek Leadership Certificate


Purpose: To educate and prepare members of the Greek community for the trials, tribulations and success of leadership.


The GLC was created to help members of the Greek community become the leaders they should be not just the leaders they might be. Having a centralized optional leadership program where Marshall FSL can make certain Greeks are ready for the stressful positions of leadership in a fraternity or a sorority does this.


The leadership certificate is broken into three different sections to show the breakdown of a member in a Greek letter organization:


The BRONZE LEVEL is designed for new members of a fraternity or a sorority. It requires new members to attend an alcohol seminar and learn how to recognize the signs of alcohol dependence, how to be smart when it comes to drinking, and how to have fun without being overly intoxicated. New members must also attend five other chapter functions so they can meet Greeks outside of their chapter. Finally, they choose a mentor from the ranks of Gold Level members to help them through the process and must write a SWOT Analysis on their chapter or Greek life at Marshall.


The SILVER LEVEL is targeted towards sophomores and first semester juniors. They learn what type of a leader they are and what motivates them by taking the Briggs-Myer test as well as the Strengths finder test. Greeks who strive for this level must also attend seminars on recruitment, as well as values congruence. The final two parts of the Silver level are a plan of action on where they would like their chapter to be and how to get there by the time of graduation. A personal evaluation based upon the BMT and SFT where they go in-depth on how they are a leader now, what they are doing correctly, and what they need to work on to become better will also need to be completed.


The GOLD LEVEL is targeted towards members of the Greek community who have put in enormous time and effort in their time towards promoting and improving their chapter or the Marshall Greek Community. They must be a in a Greek honorary society, have done enough for their position that they have applied for a leadership award and attend multiple seminars among other things. The biggest requirements for the Gold level are to mentor a bronze level Greek and to write a reflection on how they’ve positively affected their organization and the greek community.


Greek Certificate Levels and Description