Interfraternity Council (IFC) Recruitment

Students who wish to be considered for fraternity life recruitment must fill out an interest form at (Insert Web Address Here). Your information will be provided to the fraternities for consideration, and so you may be invited to events and other meetings for recruitment and pledging purposes. When filling out this form, please note that you are giving your permission for The Office of Student Involvement, Leadership, Fraternity and Sorority Life to check your enrollment status and GPA for eligibility requirements for fraternity life at Marshall University.

IFC Sponsored Recruitment

  1. The IFC will designate a time period during the fall and spring semester as a time when the IFC will assist member fraternities by advertising their recruitment events to the Marshall University community.
  2. Each semester the IFC will have a New Member Recognition Night where the newest fraternity men at Marshall University can be announced to and recognized by the greater Greek community.

Year-Round Recruitment

  1. Recruitment is encouraged to take place 365 days a year by IFC member fraternities regardless of the designated period of IFC sponsored recruitment.

Recruitment Events:

  1. All recruitment events are to be alcohol-free.
  2. Recruitment events are not to be held at an establishment that makes 50% or more of their sales in alcohol.
  3. Exploitation of women is strictly prohibited.

Extending Bids

  1. Before a bid can be extended to any man, an IFC member fraternity must have the potential new member fill out and sign an “Authority to View Student Records” form. The chapter can then submit this form to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to ensure that the student is enrolled in classes at Marshall University, and that the potential new member has the required 2.5 GPA to join a fraternity at Marshall University.
  2. After a student has been cleared, the fraternity may extend a bid to the male student at their discretion.
  3. Each fraternity must turn in a comprehensive list of the men that they have extended bids to.
  4. Each fraternity will turn in a list of men with completed “add forms” for each man who has accepted their bid to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life by the established deadline.
  5. Failure to comply with these policies will be brought before the IFC Judicial Board for review, and appropriate sanctions will be determined.