Panhellenic Council (PHC) Recruitment

Students who wish to be considered for sorority life recruitment must fill out an interest form here. Your information will be provided to the sororities for consideration. When filling out this form, please note that you are giving your permission for The Office of Student Involvement, Leadership, Fraternity and Sorority Life to check your enrollment status and GPA for eligibility requirements for sorority life at Marshall University.

The Panhellenic Council (PHC) is the governing council responsible for supporting the four National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chapters at Marshall University:

  • Alpha Chi Omega
  • Alpha Xi Delta
  • Delta Zeta
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma

PHC operates on a system of mutual cooperation in order to advance the sorority community in the best way possible. The council is responsible for the implementation of educational programming, the coordination of sorority recruitment, leadership development initiatives, and philanthropic and service efforts.

PHC Sponsored Recruitment

  • Panhellenic sponsors Sorority Recruitment at the beginning of every fall semester; the sponsored recruitment is scheduled over the course of a week and typically within the first 5 weeks of the semester.
  • Any interested women will want to participate in the sponsored sorority recruitment. Once recruitment is over some of the sororities will be over the available number of women and not able to recruit women who did not go through the sponsored recruitment.
  • The Panhellenic Council will host educational sessions prior to recruitment beginning to educate interested women on what being in a sorority is like, how to join, and what the expectations are after joining.
  • The Panhellenic Council will host fun events leading up to recruitment with the sororities

How To Sign Up

  • To sign up for Panhellenic Sponsored Sorority Recruitment, visit
  • There is a recruitment fee that comes along with Campus Director; this fee goes towards the cost of the computer program, as well as to the Panhellenic budget so they can host recruitment events for interested students.

Academic Requirements

  • High School GPA Range is 2.75 – 3.0
  • College Established GPA Range 2.5 – 2.75

Financial Requirements

  • New Member fees per semester range from $550-$860, this seems like a large amount of money but there are a lot of one-time fees within the new member payment like the sorority badge.
  • Active Member fees range from $320-$582 per semester.

Housing Requirements

  • Three of the sororities offer room and board which can be incorporated with your active member dues; those range from $3,300-$3,500.
  • These three sororities also have a housing requirement for members, all housing requirements differ by the sorority but this is a brief
  • 1 year in house if home is less than 50 miles from Marshall
  • 2 years in house if home is more than 50 miles from Marshall

For more information, please email us at