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Bylaws of the Marshall University chapter


The Gamma Beta Phi Society


Name and Affiliation

    The name of this organization shall be the Marshall University chapter of the Gamma Beta Phi Society. This chapter is an integral part of the national organization of the Gamma Beta Phi Society and shall adhere to the policies laid down in the National Constitution. Its Coats of Arms, Motto, Watchword, Colors, and Emblem shall be those of the National Organizations.

Nature and Purposes

    This chapter shall be a non-secret, nonprofit, scholastic honor, educational/service organization for students at Marshall University.

    Membership therein shall not be excluded by , nor shall it exclude from, membership in any other social, academic, or fraternal organization. Membership therein shall not be restricted by race, sex, or creed.

    The purpose of the Gamma Beta Phi Society is exclusively educational within the meaning of Section 501 (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. It shall not engage in activities not permitted by that Code (or corresponding provisions of any future United States Internal Revenue Law). No part of its net earnings shall inure to the benefits of its members, officers, or other private person, except that it may pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and make distributions in furtherance of its purpose. No substantial part of the organization's activities shall involve political propaganda or campaigns, or the attempt to influence legislation.

    The objectives of the organization are to recognize and encourage excellence in education; to provide the development of leadership ability and character in its members; and to foster, disseminate, and improve education through appropriate service projects. This Chapter of the Society shall implement these purposes by procedures consonant with the local situation and in cooperation with the faculty and administration of Marshall University.

Qualifications for Membership

    Students invited into membership in this chapter shall be presently enrolled at Marshall University, and must be committed to excellence in education, to good character, and to service. Any student, full or part-time, who has completed twelve (12) hours of college work, excluding any pass-fail work or hours earned due to placement tests such as CLEP or CEEB is eligible for membership provided he/she is enrolled in a program leading to the associate, bachelors, or graduate degree and also meets the other requirements for membership.

    Any student whose cumulative grade point average ranks within the top twenty (20) percent of his/her class meets the scholastic requirements for membership.

     Graduate students are eligible for membership provided they have completed twelve (12) hours of graduate work and rank among the top twenty (20) percent of graduate students and meet any other criteria required of undergraduate members. An undergraduate member who graduates in good standing may continue his or her active membership throughout graduate school.

    Students who were members in good standing of Gamma Beta Phi chapters at other institutions and who transfer to this institution are automatically members of this chapter...just as any other member.

    Each inductee must pay the one-time membership fee set by the National Senate. He/she must also pay the local dues as set by the executive committee. (Other local assessments may not be made upon the membership, but voluntary contributions can be requested).

    Each inductee must take the membership pledge.

    Any student who rejects membership when first invited will not be invited again, except upon appeals to and approval of the Executive Committee.

Article IV
Retention Standards

Section 1: To remain a member of this chapter, local dues must be paid each year. Members paying their dues by a chosen deadline set by the executive committee will receive one (1) business point.

A member must retain a ranking within his or her class of no less than the top thirty (30) percent. If a member should drop below, he/she will be placed on probation for one (1) semester, if after that term the member still does not meet the scholastic retention standard, he/she will be removed from membership until the standard is met.

In accord with the nature and purposes of the Gamma Beta Phi Society, members are expected to participate in the projects, meetings, and other activities of the Chapter. A member may be removed from membership for failure to meet the activity standards specified in the chapters' point system.


Section 2: A member removed from membership may appeal the decision to the Executive Committee of the local chapter, and then, if desired, to the Executive Director, whose decision shall be final. The name of any member dropped from membership shall be sent to the Executive Secretary, immediately, along with the reason for the action.

A student removed for membership may later be reinstated by action of the chapter Executive Committee, if the committee is satisfied that the student now meets the standards of membership. A member so reinstated will not again pay the national membership fee, but notification of the reinstatement shall be sent at once to the Executive Secretary.


Induction of Members

    Induction of new members hall take place during the fall and/or spring semester.

    The induction ceremony shall be a dignified occasion. There shall be no hazing of an inductee either that which would result in physical discomfort or that which would cause mental embarrassment.

Officers and Advisors

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