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Geography Student Research

Undergraduate Capstone projects | Master's Theses

2013-2014 Master's Thesis

  • Britt Arcadipane - West Virginia's Low Percentage of Population With at Least a Four-Year College Education; adviser Dr. Hagen.

2012-2013 Master's Thesis

2011-2012 Master's Thesis

2010-2011 Master's Thesis

2009-2010 Master's Thesis

2008-2009 Master's Theses

2007-2008 Master's Theses

2006-2007 Master's Thesis

2005-2006 Master's Theses

2004-2005 Master's Theses

2003-2004 Master's Theses

Undergraduate Capstone Projects


  • Rashad Nisar, “Kashmir: A Conflict between India and Pakistan”
  • Linda Katherine McGuffey, “Moving on Out: Why People Leave Appalachia”
  • Zach McLain, “Concentrated Poverty and Violent Crime”


  • Jerrod Stout, “Is There a Correlation Between States’ Economic Activity and Per Capita Energy Consumption?”
  • Zachary Ball, “Spatial Analysis of Water Pollution and Point Sources in West Virginia”
  • Lakin Johson, “An Analysis of Season Changes in West Virginia 1920-2009”
  • Chris Cannoy, “Natural Fracking Earthquakes”


  • Jake Keaton - Alternative Fuels and the Economy
  • Aaron G. Johnson - Assessing the Accuracy of Statistical-Dynamic Forecasting Models for Tropical Cyclone Intensity
  • Robert E. Maynard II - Poor Air Quality in Urban Areas and Negative Effects on the Respiratory Health of Children
  • Ben Stratton - The Effects of River Construction on Flooding Behavior for the Ohio River
  • Jessica L. Streeter - The Effects of Natural Resource Industries on West Virginia Counties’ Unemployment Rates


  • Andrew Brown, “Stream Pollution and Acid Mine Damage in West Virginia”
  • Landon Hillman, “Economic Impacts on Sidewalk Conditions in Huntington, West Virginia”
  • Jimmie Meadows, “Migration of the Jet Stream in North America”
  • Lora Meadows, “A Spatial Examination of Atmospheric Polluting Facilities and Monitoring Sites in West Virginia”
  • Deloris Musick, “Effects of ENSO on Flooding”
  • Jennifer Reynolds, “Education Reassessment in America”
  • Patricia Usher, “The Effect of the QBO and ENSO on the Frequency of Tropical Storms and Hurricanes”


  • Zack Fraley “2000 Wildfire Season, Wayne County, WV”
  • Britt McNew “Analysis of Median Housing Value , Released Sex Offender Locations and School Locations”
  • Chad Pyles “Spatial Analysis of Violent Crime and Alcohol in Huntington, WV”
  • Robert Hupp “The Effects of Climate Change on Snow and Ice Cover in Glacier National Park”
  • Clinton Jewkes “Zero Waste and CO2 Emission.”


  • Ashley Ostrow "Assessment of the Basic Quality of Tap Water in the Huntington- Ashland Area"
  • Jessica Beres "Extent of Flooding Caused by Hurricane Ivan (2004) in Cabell and Wayne Counties, West Virginia"
  • Jacqueline Racer "No-Smoking Zones: Questioning the 'Reasonable Distance' Ten-Foot Law Downtown Huntington, WV"
  • Crystal Chambers "Mitigation Banking in the Scioto Watershed in Ohio"


  • Tim Schutrumph “The Economic Potential of White Water Rafting in West Virginia”
  • Amanda Pilbeam “Nitrate in Four Pole Creek, Huntington, WV”
  • Christa Moore “Effect of Coal Industry on the West Viriginia Economy”
  • Dallas Frye “Huntington’s Population Decline”

2007 - Sara Cremeans investigated nitrate levels in the Greenbrier River.

2006 - Hardy County Field Trip:

From left:Daniel East, Matt Sabin, Aubry Dickerson, Dr. Brinegar, Daniel Callis.

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