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Feedback and Comments from our Alumni

"Thanks so much for all the work you gave us to do, and keep making your students work hard. (If they don't want to, they need to find a different major.) It has really paid off for me thus far. I also have been getting to show my GIS skills somewhat... My employer seems to be very pleased with the capabilities GIS offers." ~Britt McNew, 2011

"The courses taught by the Geography department absolutely prepared me for a career in GIS. I think any areas in which I've had to deal with a learning curve have been related to the way in which GIS is applied in the industry and more specifically how it's used by my company. I feel like all the classes, especially 426, were packed with information that directly relates to GIS as applied in the professional workforce. Because of your courses and your homework assignments, using ArcGIS is like working with any other application." ~Chad Pyles, 2010

"I had to leave Marshall University in 2003, one semester away from graduating with a geography degree. I was called to duty in Iraq. When I returned to the States my family had moved to Lexington, KY so I had to go. I found that starting over at another university was going to be harder than I thought. But, with the skills I learned from the professors in the geography department I made quick work of the classes I need to graduate. Although I ultimately got a degree from The University of Kentucky I owe my success to the people of Marshall." ~Travis Beaman, 2008

"I have recently accepted a job as a transportation planner/engineer with HDR Engineering in Chicago, IL. As a former student of yours and an alumni of the Geography program at Marshall University (class of 2005), I would like to express my tremendous gratitude and thank you for your guidance, recommendations, and instruction in preparing me to achieve success. Thank you!" ~Michael Marchyshyn, 2007

"I landed the career I have now because of you... It was the execises... in Excel and SPSS that finally gave me the edge on other people. Of course, at the time I had to redo the work over and over I did want to stab you in the neck with a pen but I did the work. In short, it was a skill that I did not really think about that finally landed me a great job." ~Brian Brown, 2007

"While enrolled in the Geography Department at Marshall, I realized I wanted to live and work abroad. Through the guidance and teaching of the professors I achieved that dream." ~Keith Loudin, 2006

Pictures of Mr. Loudin in East and Southeast Asia.

"Your recruiting and guidance in the Geography Department have made a difference in my career choices." ~Dan McGlone, 2005

"The wide varieity of courses and flexibility of the Geography Program allowed me to study the topics that interested me while receiving a good foundation in the the Field... Being a Geographer is like being a Jack of all Trades...." ~Jared Bledsoe, 2005

"I recently (May 2005) graduated with a Master of Arts degree in Geography. I have accepted a position in Washington, DC with the Bureau of the Census as a Geographer (0150), Grade 9." ~Aaron Goodman, 2005

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