The marketing committee is responsible for discovering the needs and pulse of the student body. Through surveys and focus groups, this committee will generate data in which we make informed decisions to provide the best possible programming to all students. After events, the marketing committee will distribute the Student Satisfaction Survey to gauge student perception of the overall experience.


The promotions committee’s purpose is to generate buzz on campus. This committee will create pseudo events to spread the word and knowledge about upcoming events while also providing more opportunities for fun and activities. Promotional items are also available free to students chosen and distributed by the committee.

Event Management

The event management committee makes sure all of the events are the most pleasant experience for all in attendance. The committee is responsible for staffing, meeting performer and attendee needs, providing fantastic customer service and finally making sure everyone has fun!

Public Relations

The public relations committee is responsible for both the internal and external public relations of the Campus Activities Board. Internally, the PR committee maintains morale, recognition and communication among the membership. Externally, the PR committee operates all social media, sends press releases to the local media and acts as a voice of CAB to the Marshall University student body.