Purpose and Core Values

The purpose of CAB is to research and develop a variety of social, educational, community service, and other extra-curricular programs, in order to provide a more entertaining, intellectually stimulating and culturally enlightening experience for the diverse community of Marshall University students.

Our core values include teamwork, enrichment, diversity and stewardship.

Teamwork: To strive to create a network which is tied together by communication, friendship and cooperation that works toward building lasting ties with the Marshall community.

Enrichment: To not only provide entertainment, but to use our events as a medium through which to enlighten and educate.

Diversity: To serve various groups of different lifestyles, cultures and ethnic backgrounds through an array of events focused on entertainment, education and ultimately unity.

Stewardship: To efficiently and effectively manage all events, give back to the student body, promote leadership, preserve integrity and uphold accountability.