About the Teaching Positions in China

If you have a bachelor’s degree and would like to participate in the adventure of a life time, you may want to consider applying for a teaching position in China through Marshall University’s Appalachians Abroad Teach in China Program (AATC). The Appalachians Abroad Teach in China Program has established relationships with numerous universities and K-12 schools in the People’s Republic of China who regularly host AATC participants to come and teach English as a foreign language. These one and two-year teaching positions usually begin in late August or February.

You will be required to take an On-Line TEFL training course over a nine week period of time to prepare you with English as a Foreign Language teaching skills. You will also be required to attend a four-day orientation program in late August in Shanghai, China before you start your teaching assignment at your host school. In the orientation program, you will learn some basic tips of living and working in China to start you on your journey. The Orientation Program in late August is held in a hotel or on the campus of a university in Shanghai. The hotel accommodation during the orientation program is covered by the program fee.


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