Research Day 2015 Header

Marshall University College of Health Professions 

Research and Practice Day 2015

Friday April 10th (9:00AM-4:00PM)

Memorial Student Center

Oral and Poster Presentations

Awards for Undergraduate and Graduate Submissions

Food and Refreshments Provided

2015 COHP R&P Day Program

2015 Results

This annual event expanded to a full day, encompassing 47 research and practice presentations.

Awards for outstanding work were made as follows:

  • Undergraduate Practice (Tie):  Monica Rahall, “Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome in Athletes” / Tayler Aab and Meagan Mahaffey, “Music Therapy and Preoperative and Postoperative Anxiety in Surgical Patients”
  • Undergraduate Research:  Ateeq Chaudhry, Kimberly Di, Erin Pemberton, and Molly Weaver, “The Effect of Repeated Overhead Arm Motions on Scapular Kinematics and Subacromial Space Outlet Width”
  • Graduate Research:  Adam Riffle, Zachary Fisher, and Jared Matlick, “Benefits of Home versus Institution-based Physical Therapy Following Total Knee Replacement Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Intervention Studies”.


Submit in either of two categories: Research (reports of data-based study) or Practice (reports on the application of knowledge including health programs, implementation of best practices and educational and service initiatives)

A limited number of candidates will be selected to give an oral presentation on their research. If you wish to be considered to do so, please check the appropriate box on the abstract form.


Submissions must have the following components:

  • Importance of the research
  • Problem: What problem does this work attempt to solve? What is the scope of the project? What is the main argument/thesis/claim?
  • Methods: Describe the specific approach used in the study or the types of evidence used in the research.
  • Results: Presentation of study data, including statistical analysis.
  • Discussion/ Conclusion: What changes should be implemented as a result of the findings of the work? How does this work add to the body of knowledge on the topic?


Submissions should have the following components:

  • Describe: Your program, practice, or initiative and its rationale and methods.
  • Who is served: The locale, the population, etc.
  • Outcomes: What data or evidence has been generated for efficacy, and what evaluation has been conducted?
  • Future prospects:  Is it economically viable, sustainable? What are the next steps?

How to write a good abstract:

Abstracts are limited to a maximum of 300 words and must fit within the predefined area.


The completed abstract form must be emailed to and a physical copy printed and signed by advisor must be dropped off at Prichard 317 no later than 5PM March 24.


Official Abstract Form 


Posters are to be 24×36 inches in size, and can be printed from the Learning Resource Center, College of Education (Jenkins Hall 101) for $6.00.
Please also note that we have some PowerPoint templates which may be helpful in creating your poster.  Posters do not need to mounted.  Poster boards and clips will be provided at the venue on the day of the event.