The proposals below ave been placed on the agenda for consideration at the Graduate Council meeting below. Please note that agenda items are subject to change:

April 26, 2013
South Charleston campus
1 pm Thomas Boardroom

Type of Request Description College Curriculum
Non-Curricular Change Psychology-2 C rule change COLA x
Non-Curricular Chang Psychology-GRE and Admissions change COLA x
Non-Curricular Chang Geography-MA, MS change COLA x
Course addition HS 565 Pathomechanics COHP x
Course addition HS 566 Biomechanical Analysis COHP  x
Non-Curricular Change EdS core course deletions GSEPD x
Non-Curricular Change Management Foundations-Certificate change COB x
Non-Curricular Change Biomedical Sciences changes SOM  x
Course change COUN 555 Crisis Intervention change GSEPD  x
Course change EDF 636 Classroom Assessment change GSEPD  x
Course addition ESS 511 Ethics in Sports COHP  x
Course addition COUN xxx Prof. Dev. & Advocacy GSEPD  x
Course change ESS 600 Sports Ethics course title change COHP  x
Course change MTH 512 Statistical Models COS  x
Course addition MTH 525 Sampling Design COS  x
Course change MTH 513 Statistical Models COS  x
Course change Reading Education changes GSEPD  x
Course change PT 721 Applied Exercise Physiology COHP  x
Course deletion PT 746 Medical Tests and Measures COHP  x
Course deletion PT 752 Professional Pract. II COHP  x
Course deletion PT 762 Evidence Based Pract. II COHP  x
Course change PT 742 Med. Path in PT II COHP  x
Course change PT 751 Professional Pract. I COHP  x
Course change PT 761 Evidence Based Pract. I COHP  x
Course change PT 763 E & P III COHP  x
Course change PT 764 E & P IV COHP  x
Course addition PHAR 612 Therapeutic Drug Dosing SOP  x