Graduate Admissions

The Graduate Admissions Office is located on the South Charleston campus.

Marshall University
Graduate Records and Admissions Office
100 Angus E. Peyton Drive
South Charleston, West Virginia 25303-1600


Telephone: 304-746-1900
Toll Free: 1-800-642-9842 ext. 61900
Fax: 304-746-1902

Or, during regular working hours for general information concerning Graduate Admissions call:

Graduate College

Welcome! Our office is located on the Huntington campus, Old Main 113. We are open 8-5 weekdays throughout the year.

David Pittenger, Ph.D.
Dean, Graduate College
Old Main 113
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755
Fax: 304.696.3316

Jan Parker, Administrative Assistant
QUESTIONS: Applications for Graduation | Graduation status | Graduate Assistantship positions

Denise Lawhon, Records Officer
QUESTIONS: Plan of Study | Course Revalidations | Transfer Credits | Registration Holds

Sandee Lloyd, Administrative Associate
QUESTIONS: Due Dates | Tuition Waivers | Scheduled Events | All other questions