Clinical Psychology

Program Director: Dr. Steven Mewaldt






Program Overview:
The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Psychology consists of 26 hours. The Certificate is intended for students who have earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and wish to complete the courses and field experience required for licensure as a psychologist in the state of West Virginia.

Program Highlights:
Students are prepared for master’s degree level clinical roles within professional psychology.

Gainful Employment Program Disclosure:

  • Student pursuing the graduate certificate in Clinical Psychology are eligible for federal financial aid providing they takes at least 4.5 hours (1/2 time enrollment) in a semester.
  • Under the Code of Federal Regulations 668.6B, the following information is provided to prospective students seeking only the certificate (not simultaneously with a degree) to help them make informed decisions about this program, which does not lead to a degree. NOTE: Standard Occupational Classification (“SOC”) codes are issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor. The SOC is linked to the occupational profile on O*NET, the nation’s primary source of occupational information.
Intended Occupation for Certificate Holders Standard Occupation Code
Clinical Psychologists 19-3031.02

Standard Time to Completion: 4-5 semesters (18 months-2 years)

Curriculum:  10 courses | 26 credits
Required Courses Credits
PSY 533 Current Models of Psychotherapy
PSY 608 Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
PSY 633 Individual Psychotherapy and Interviewing
PSY 610 Assessment of Adults
PSY 611 Assessment of Children
PSY 620 Adult Assessment Practicum
PSU 621 Child Assessment Practicum
PSY 634 Group Therapy
PSY 670 Clinical Practicum
PSY 680 Clinical Internship


Cost of books and supplies (estimate): $500

Information about Students who have Completed the Certificate-Only Program in the Most Recent Full Year (December 2010-August 2011):
NOTE: On-Time Completion Rate is the percentage of students who graduated between December 2010-August 2011, who completed this program in the normal completion time.

  • Number of certificate-only students enrolled: NA (new program)
  • Number of certificate-only students completing: NA (new program)
  • On-Time Completion Rate: NA (new program)
  • Job Placement Rate: NA (new program) (most will complete the certificate while already employed)
  • Median Loan Debt: NA (new program)
Certificate Application EssentialsHow to apply:

  • Students who are already admitted to the MA program may submit a letter of interest to the coordinator. Slots in the Clinical Psychology Post-Master’s Certificate Program are limited. The most qualified applicants will be accepted until the slots have been filled. Grade point averages (undergraduate and graduate) GRE scores, and faculty recommendations will be considered.
  • Prospective certificate-only students should apply for admission to Marshall University as a Certificate/Professional Development student and select the Clinical Psychology Post-Master’s Certificate on the application form.
  • Applicants should follow the admissions process described in the Graduate Catalog, or at the Graduate Admissions website.

Deadline for Application: March 15 (Fall only)