Student Account

Much of the business you conduct with the university will require your student 901 number and your PIN.

Your student 901 ID number
Your ID number is the nine digit number beginning with 901 which you were assigned upon admission. The number is noted in your Admission letter. If you do not know your 901 number, contact the IT Service Desk.

Your PIN number
Your PIN number is your Personal Identification Number which you will be prompted to enter for a variety of activities such as viewing grades, financial aid status, and making secure payments. Until you change it, your PIN is automatically set to your birthday in this format: mmddyy

myMU is the Marshall University portal to many online services and to the Internet. This is where you can register for classes, check email, view grades, financial aid status, and make secure payments. To log in, you’ll need your ID no. (beginning with “901”) and your PIN (Personal Identification Number).

To login to myMU:

Your student ID card
Your picture ID will be necessary for virtually all in-person business you transact with the university. Your first step will be to get your picture taken. A valid, government issued photo ID is required. On the Huntington campus, you can get your ID picture taken at the Campus ID office in the lower level of the Memorial Student Center.

On the South Charleston campus, you can get a picture made at the library during regular hours, or if you are taking online courses through the Graduate School of Education and Professional Development, on SuperSaturday just prior to the week classes begin.

For information on other locations and situations, please contact the Campus ID office at or by telephone at 304.696.6843.

On the Huntington campus, a “points” system allows students to prepay for certain products and services offered on campus. Further information is available on the Campus ID Web site.