Certificate in Program Evaluation

Evaluation research — systematic research principles and procedures for determining the success of policies, programs, projects, community development and other activities — has grown exponentially over the past several decades, especially as foundations, granting agencies, non-profits, governmental and other organizations and agencies increasingly expect and require the evaluation of services, programs, and projects. The need for researchers trained in both the theories and methods of evaluation research has grown accordingly. The Certificate in Program Evaluation emphasizes the practical application of program planning, assessment, and evaluation through frames of mixed methods research, local cultural contexts, and project-based applications of skills and knowledge.

Students may apply to this certificate program as either degree or non-degree students (in either case, students must apply for the certificate through Graduate Admissions). Also, as in other certificate programs, to make an application, students must possess an undergraduate B.A. or B.S. degree from a regionally accredited college or university, with a minimum of an overall undergraduate grade point average of 2.5 on a scale of 4. No more than 3 hours of transfer credit can be applied to the proposed certificate (and the credit may not be more than 7 years old), to be applied only to the local cultural literacy/competency requirement (students may not transfer CI 627, EDF 620, or EDF 629). Students may apply credits earned in the proposed certificate to graduate degrees in GSEPD as well as in the Graduate Humanities Program as electives, to be determined by faculty advising students’ programs of study. Credits earned in the proposed certificate can potentially be applied to professional development and other professional continuing education as well; again, depending on individual programs of study and the approval of faculty in GSEPD and/or the Graduate Humanities Program.


CI 627: Program Planning and Evaluation (3 hours)

EDF 620: Mixed Methods Research (3 hours)

Local Cultural Literacy/Competency (3 hours) – Select one of the following:

CULS 610 — Seminar in Appalachian Culture (3 hours)

CULS 611 — Appalachian Studies: Themes and Voices (3 hours)

CULS 612 — Time and Place in Appalachia (3 hours)

EDF 679 — Problem Report (3 hours)


The Certificate in Program Evaluation is administered by the Director of the Graduate Humanities Program, who is jointly appointed in the Graduate School of Education and Professional Development.  Contact the Director for more information, here.