Consistent with the mission and goals of Marshall University, the Graduate School of Education and Professional Development provides an array of degree and professional development programs, continuing education opportunities and services designed to address the needs of adult learners. These programs and services are provided primarily for the convenience of fully employed students.

Generally, students served by the school are mid-career professionals who are committed to continuing their careers and professional development within the state, region or local community. With an average age of 38, students are mature, goal-oriented adults who approach their education with a broad base of experience and previous learning. The major emphasis of the school is the design and delivery of programs and services to meet the needs of this target population.

The school offers numerous graduate certificate programs, master’s and education specialist programs for the experienced professional, twenty of which lead to professional licensure by the West Virginia Board of Education. The school also offers a doctoral program in education with majors in educational leadership and curriculum and instruction. In addition, the school offers several programs for non-education populations.

The school provides professional/technical expertise for the service area and is actively involved in addressing regional and state level educational, mental health, and social issues. The school is committed to using innovative approaches to address educational and community needs. Technology plays a major role in these approaches. The school seeks to develop students who are capable of filling a variety of leadership roles and who understand and work effectively within cultural and social role expectations and settings. Graduates will be problem-solving information seekers who can function as independent professionals. They will possess the knowledge and skills needed to access information and to apply this information to the resolution of real-life problems. Most importantly, graduates will have begun to fulfill role expectations of lifelong learners.