The Graduate School of Education and Professional Development offers an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree with areas of emphasis in Adult and Technical Education, Community and Technical College Studies, Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction, Leadership Studies, Reading Education, and School Psychology.

The target population for the program is post-masters professionals who are seeking a planned and structured program of study:  teachers, reading specialists, administrators, counselors and other education and human services personnel. Students enrolling in the Doctor of Education programs in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership may elect to be dually enrolled in the Education Specialist program.

Admissions Requirements

Program Information and Requirements

For additional information in a specific area of emphasis, contact:

Counseling:    Michelle Ruppert    304.746.1925

Curriculum and Instruction:    Carolyn Schwarz   304.746.1996

Leadership Studies:    Tammy Jones    304.746.2514

Reading Education:   Monique Williams   304.746.2027