FAQ for Part-time Faculty

How do I submit my final grades?

The preferred method is to submit grades electronically through myMU (mymu.marshall.edu).  Your login ID is your MUID (901xxxxxx) and your default PIN is your birthdate as MMDDYY. Grade submission is available under the Faculty tab.

How can I get a copy of my class roster?

Complete class rosters can be obtained at any time during the semester through the myMU site. (www.marshall.edu/mymu) You should check your class roster at mid-term to verify that persons actually attending your class match those registered. This will greatly reduce issues at final grade time.

Who are my primary contacts at Marshall University?

It depends on the program. Some programs have regular faculty mentors for part-time faculty and some do not. If in doubt, the program secretary can generally assist you with finding answers to your questions. Each program is also headed by a program director that may also provide assistance. The Graduate School of Education and Professional Development directory can guide you in contacting these individuals.

When and how do I get paid?

All employees of Marshall University are paid semi-monthly via direct deposit. Payroll funds are deposited in your account on the 15th and 30th or 16th and 31st of each month. To view your payroll direct deposit statements, you will need to create an account on the myApps site through the State Auditor’s Office.

What about campus security?

A Marshall University police officer is on duty during all regular evening teaching hours on the South Charleston campus. A private security guard is on-duty at other hours when offices are generally closed. Dialing the Operator from any campus phone will put you in touch with the security personnel on duty.

Is there a limit to my workload as a part-time faculty member?

University policy limits part-time faculty to two courses (maximum 6 credit hours) per semester.

How do I change my address with the university?

Follow the link under Academic Services on the main myMU page to update your contact information.

What is the policy related to expense reimbursement?

All expenses should be turned into the appropriate program secretary on a monthly basis. Required information includes: date of travel, destination, purpose, departure and return times, meal receipts (for overnight travel only), toll receipts, and lodging receipts (must show zero balance and single occupancy). It is imperative that faculty requesting  travel reimbursement be familiar with the Marshall University travel policy. A list of allowable expenses can be found here.

What information must I provide as part of my initial employment?

You must complete the standard W-4 as well as an I-9 form. Contact your program secretary for more information.

How do I get copies and/or printing?

Small quantities can usually be handled by the program secretary given a day’s advance notice. Complete class sets or larger volumes need to be provided with at least three-day’s notice.

How do my students and I access the library?

Information related to accessing library holdings remotely can be found here. The MUGC librarians can provide direct student orientation and/or faculty assistance. Contact them directly at 800.642.8902 or 304.746.8902.

How do I handle course evaluations?

GSEPD courses, including face-to-face courses, t-courses, and e-courses are now being evaluated online. Dates for the online evaluation will be made available to faculty via email each semester.

What about inclement weather?

If your course is located on the South Charleston or Beckley campus and the campus is to be closed due to inclement weather, an announcement will be available at 800.642.9842. You need to be aware that this announcement many not be made available soon enough for students attending live sessions of web-based classes since they may be commuting longer distances. The decision about other weather-related cancellations are up to the instructor who is also responsible for notifying students. Since most of our students are working professionals, reaching them by phone when weather is threatening is often not practical. Your syllabus should contain a procedure which outlines the process you will use to notify students. Please take into consideration the travel time of students and make any decision early enough so that students will know what to do. The Program Director in your area can assist you with the best procedure for handling weather-related issues.

What is the part-time faculty role in advising students?

Because of the myriad university policies, certification regulations, and state requirements, it is generally best if part-time faculty do not attempt to advise students. Errors may be costly in both time and money for our students.

What are my additional responsibilities if I teach online courses?

The course delivery software used by Marshall is Blackboard. This software is continually being updated and revised, and part-time faculty will need to stay abreast of these changes. Contact the Program Director for information about training opportunities.

What documentation must I have on file with the program?

All part-time faculty must have a current vita on file with the program secretary. Additionally a teaching syllabus must be provided to the program and to each student in the class. Syllabi requirements can be found here. A master syllabus outlining required objectives for the course is available from the program secretary.

What about textbooks?

Textbook orders for the bookstore must be submitted to the program secretary at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester. Earlier is better. Instructor copies can be loaned to part-time faculty by the program. Contact the program secretary or faculty mentor.

How do I order audio/visual or computing equipment?

If the class is on the South Charleston campus or at a remote site, contact Will James at 304.746.1918. If the class is located at our Beckley facility, call 304.252.0719.

Where can I find official Marshall University policy?

The current version of the Marshall University faculty handbook, The Greenbook, is available online.

Where can I find information related to disability services?

Please visit the site of the Office of Disability Services for more information.