Graduate Programs Committee

Marshall University Professional Education Unit
Graduate Program Committee

The Graduate Program Committee (GPC) will be responsible for all graduate courses, graduate licensure programs, graduate program changes, etc. The GPC will have the ability to forward any issue deemed appropriate to the Undergraduate Program Committee. Certification items should be shared with each committee.

Graduate Program Committee Membership:

  • 1 member from LS (South Charleston)
  • 1 member from SPED (Huntington)
  • 1 member from ATE (Huntington/South Charleston)
  • 1 member from COUN (Huntington/South Charleston)
  • 4 members from SOE (Huntington)
  • 2 members from ELEM/SEC, READING, SPED (South Charleston)
  • 1 member from School Psychology (South Charleston)
  • Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Professional Development, ex-officio, non-voting (provides committee support)
  • Associate Dean for Academic Programs of the College of Education, ex-officio, non-voting (provides committee support)

The Chair of the GPC will be elected from the faculty membership. The Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Professional Development will assist the chair with agenda items, scheduling meetings, and receive approved items for appropriate action.

Other Information: