National Board

With the support of the June Harless Center, Marshall University is meeting the challenge to strengthen the linkage between the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) and teacher preparation programs at the university level. According to Mary E. Dilworth, NBPTS vice president for higher education initiatives and research, “This relationship is not only beneficial to the institutions themselves, it is also critical in helping advance our nation’s standards for teacher effectiveness.” 

As illustrated in the graphic, Marshall University teacher candidates will create model NBPTS portfolios during their third and fourth years of undergraduate school.  Assignments for specific courses are being aligned with NBPTS portfolio entries in order to:

  • establish a common language,

  • improve critical thinking and depth of knowledge,

  • model writing (descriptive, analytic, and reflective),

  • strengthen reflection,

  • create a math and science collaborative project,

  • build early versions of National Board entries, and

  • generate National Board expectations


Marshall University will continue to support students after graduation as they “replace” pre-service portfolio entries with in-service entries written about their own classrooms and students.  These educators will have significant insight into NBPTS requirements and be fully prepared to submit a “Take One” entry during their third year of teaching and continue to seek National Board certification after completing only three years in the classroom.