Strengthening schools to excel in the 21st century


This RETROFIT PLANNING GUIDE is designed to support planning teams in thinking through the process od developing 21st century learning, teaching, and leadership across districts or regions. The Guide is intended to serve as a workbook as schools work collaboratively with the June Harless Center to implement the process of developing a 21st century learning environment.

This guide was developed based on our personal experience of taking a 20th century school and creating a model of 21st century best practices where students and teachers excel. The activities included in this planning guide are a direct reflection of the research conducted during our three-year journey. Furthermore, the activities are a representation of the services provided by the June Harless Center, which are always developed and adapted in collaboration with the school, district, or region in order to meet the needs of all stakeholders. This guide highlights four critical stakeholders, including administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Activities in the guide are centered on uniting the stakeholders in such a way that provides a collaborative voice to retrofit schools, which will raise rigor, promote relevance, and develop relationships.


The Framework will be used as a road map for the Harless Center staff in their work with schools aspiring for a high-quality 21st Century education for all students.Currently, there are 3 schools in the state of West Virginia that are involved in the RETROFIT process.  Two of the three schools have also been identified as Innovation Zone Schools. 

To learn more about Innovation Zone Schools in West Virginia, click here. (  The Harless RETROFIT schools are: