The Harless Center

The Harless Center team is composed of a diverse group of experienced professionals who have served in various capacities outside and within the K-18 system. Our passion and determination to incorporate the outlined core values into every student’s educational environment is the driving force behind our Center.

Our staff has experience in:
  • identifying educational issues,
  • devising action plans,
  • supporting educational systems,
  • providing ongoing job-embedded teacher support and coaching.

The Retrofit Process:

  • Strengthening schools to excel in the 21st century
  • Working together we can support your school in the transformation from 20th century classrooms to 21st century learning environments.

Innovative Solutions The Harless Team will work with school faculty and staff in the following areas:
  • 21st Century Organization— Vertical and horizontal teams focused on student learning. (Link to 21st Century Structure and Organ.)
  • Team Building – Conducting team building activities to establish a collaborative collegial learning environment.
  • Classroom Culture/Character Education – Developing a character education philosophy in order to create a positive school and classroom environment.
  • 21st Century Framework– Developing an understanding of 21st century learning components to prepare teachers and administrators for implementation. (Graphic  of the framework–
  • 21st Century Content – Deepening  teacher knowledge in subjects such as English, reading/language arts, mathematics, science, foreign language, civics, government, economics, arts, history, geography, global awareness, financial, economic, business and      entrepreneurial literacy, civic literacy, and health and wellness.
  • Pedagogy – Developing 21st century skills and effective teaching techniques that promote student and teacher collaboration and inquiry/research based learning.
  • PBL
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Inquiry
  • Student Support – Implementing curriculum that enhances 3 tier  intervention in reading and mathematics, 21st century courses/clubs (robotics, health and wellness, global studies, Spanish, etc), virtual field trips, etc. (Graphic-student support)


Our TEAM can:
  • provide full day professional development held in the summer with topics and number of days based on the implementation plan;
  • conduct training throughout the school year;
  • offer in-class modeling and coaching based on teacher assessment needs;
  • deliver professional development via videoconferencing with schools and school systems that have the technology capability.