Professional Development Schools Partnership


Collaborating for Success

The Professional Development Schools Partnership (PDSP) at Marshall University was established as a partnership between the College of Education and public schools with the purpose of supporting professional preparation and growth of teachers. The partnership has been working with schools in five counties in WV for over 10 years. These educators have collaborated to improve teacher education, provide relevant professional development, and engage in inquiry about teaching and learning all to enhance student learning.
Partner Schools

Elementary Schools:
MU Early Education STEM Center
Beale Elementary
Beverly Elementary
Ceredo Elementary
Cherry River Elementary
Geneva Kent Elementary
Guyandotte Elementary
Kellogg Elementary
Spring Hill Elementary

Middle Schools:
Barboursville Middle
Beverly Hills Middle
Enslow Middle
Huntington Middle
Milton Middle

High Schools:
Cabell Midland High
Huntington High
Spring Valley High

Partner Schools

2nd Annual PDS Tailgate: September 13, 2011
Partner schools will come together with the university to build relationships, develop new strategies, and begin the year.

Clinical Experience Kick-Off Dinner
PDS in conjunction with the Clinical Experiences office held a dinner August 18, 2011 for all classroom teachers hosting a student teacher this fall. During this time, teachers were introduced to Marshall's requirements for student teachers and trained using the new evaluation forms.

Master Advisor Program
Marshall University wants to provide public schools with the ability to nurture and enrich the education of clinical students. The MAP project brings supervising teachers and university faculty together to identify ways to support teachers working with clinical students and develop resources for them.