Standards Based Mathematics

“To reach the goal of developing mathematical power for all students requires the creation of a curriculum and environment, in which teaching and learning are to occur, that are very different from the current practice.  The image of mathematics teaching needed includes elementary and secondary teachers who are more proficient in:

  • selecting mathematical tasks to engage students' interest and intellect;

  • providing opportunities to deepen their understanding of mathematics being studied and its applications;

  • orchestrating classroom discourses in ways that promotes the investigation and growth of mathematical ideas;

  • using and helping students use, technology and other tools to peruse mathematical investigations;

  • seeking and helping students seek, connections to previous and developing knowledge;

  • guiding individuals, small groups, and whole-class work"


This quote from NCTM Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics, elegantly describes the goal for June Harless Center mathematics professional development.  Through the use of intensive lesson planning, discourse protocols, content knowledge enhancement, classroom coaching, and debriefing sessions, the June Harless Center strives to increase the capacity of classroom teachers to meet the mathematical needs of their students.   Currently, the June Harless Center is delivering mathematics professional development in Logan, Mason and Randolph Counties in West Virginia.