Master of Science in Health Informatics

Health Informatics is the science that defines how health information is technically captured, transmitted, and utilized. Health Informatics consists of three major facets or domains: Information Systems, Informatics, and Information Technology.

  • Information Systems curriculum components focus on such issues as information systems analysis, design, implementation, management and leadership.
  • Informatics curriculum components are concerned with the study of structure, function and transfer of information, socio-technical aspects of health computing, and human-computer interaction.
  • Information Technology curriculum components focus on computer networks, database and systems administration, security, and programming.

There is a huge demand for Health Informatics professionals. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that Health Information Management and Health Informatics employment will grow nearly 18% by 2016; they further project a need of more than 6,000 new professionals each year through 2014 alone. It is expected that as the field develops due to health-related initiatives and mandates that the federal government established in 2009, the need for Health Informatics professionals will continue to grow at an even faster rate.

Program Requirements

Master Degree students in the Health Informatics program must complete at least 39 hours of 600-level courses form 3 colleges (NOTE — Students with no informatics background may be advised to take additional foundational informatics coures):

College of Health Professions (COHP) Courses  15-19 Hours
HP 605 The Role of EHR and PHR 3
HP 615 Health Quality and Safety 3
HP 650 Health Informatics Praticum 3
HP 620 Legal and Regulatory Environment for Health Care and Informatics 3
HP 630 Research Methods and Data Analytics for Health Informatics 3
HP 685-688 Independent Study 1-4
College of Business (COB) Courses 12 Hours
MIS 678 Management Information Systems 3
HCA 600 The Health Care System 3
HCA 656 Management of Health Care Technology and Information Systems 3
MIS 680 Health Care Communications Technology and Telematics 3
College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE) Courses 12 Hours
IS 623 Database Management 3
EM 660 Project Management 3
IS 665 Health Informatics Application: or elective 3
TM 664 Health Informatics 3
Health Informatics Practicum

MSHI students will be required to complete the Health Informatics Practicum (HP 650), which includes successfully completing at least 400 hours in an educationally directed Health Informatics intership at one of several Health Informatics job sites which have been approved by the MSHI program director. The students internships consist of job placements within the Health Informatics field at academic, government or healthcare industry levels.

Accelerated Master’s Degree (AMD) Program

What is an AMD?

“Undergraduates accepted to an AMD program can begin taking graduate coursework in their senior year up to a maximum of 12 hours in place of electives. Students reduce the number of hours required to complete the Bachelor’s degree by the number of graduate hours they complete (up to a maximum of 12). They must meet all other degree requirements for their Bachelor’s degree while they work on their Master’s degree.” – Fall 2014 Graduate Catalog

All AMD’s programs are subject to the graduate catalog description. For more information AMD’s, see the graduate catalog.

What AMD program is available for Health Informatics?

The AMD in Health Informatics for Integrated Science and Technology Computer Information and Technology (IST-CIT) would allow exceptional IST CIT undergraduates who plan to pursue the Master of Science in Health Informatics (MS-HI) the opportunity to earn 12 graduate credits from coursework that is part of the MS-HI curriculum in place of 12 of the  IST credits. The 12 graduate credits from the AMD would go towards the 39 hours of required courses credits for the MS-HI degree contingent upon acceptance in the program.

The Substituted Courses

IST-CIT Courses MS-HI Courses Credit Hours
IST 332 EM 660 3
IST 333 MIS 680 3
MGT 320 HP 605 3
Technical Elective Any other MS-HI Required Course 3

 Admission Requirements and Student Eligibility:

  • A minimum over-all grade point average of 3.30.
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.30 in a CIT major in IST course work.
  • Permission from the Director of Health Informatics (master’s program) and the Director of Integrated Science and Technology (undergraduate program).
  • The GRE requirement for the MS-HI is required upon acceptance into the MS-HI, but not for required for undergraduate AMD applicants.

Note: Admission into the MS in Health Informatics is not guaranteed through the AMD program; it is contingent on successful completion of the first four semesters of the IST program with a GPA of 3.3 or greater.