GPA Calculator

How to use our GPA Calculator:*

  1. Type the number of credit hours and the letter grade you have earned for each class or desired grade to earn in each class, then click the "Calculate" button. It converts your letter grade to grade points!
  2. THEN leave those values alone, move down to the gray shaded form and type in the values for your PRIOR Cumulative GPA, the number of credit hours that cumulative GPA represents, and click the "New Cumulative GPA!" button.
A = 4.00
B = 3.00
C = 2.00
D = 1.00
F = 0.00
# of Credits Letter Grade Quality Points  
Total # of hours GPA Total Grade Pts
Type in the total number of credits you've earned so far, then the last Cumulative GPA you had for those credit hours, the click the "New Cumulative GPA" button!
Total # of credit hours before this semester Cum. GPA before this semester Your GPA with this semester's grades!

*Please remember to contact your advisor or curriculum specialist for advice regarding your GPA or any other academic purpose. This calculator is in no way intended to replace the advice or direction of an advisor or other college official. The College of Education and Human Services is not responsible for the accuracy of your GPA as calculated using this tool.