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Herpetological Links


Listed below are links to other sites containing valuable information on West Virginia and its wildlife, including reptiles and amphibians. Also listed are links to other pertinent herpetological web sites. For suggestions on other possible links that could be posted here or to report broken links, please contact

State and Federal Agencies



West Virginia Division of Natural Resources



United States Fish and Wildlife Service



West Virginia DEP



U.S. Environmental Protection Agency





State Reptile and Amphibian Pages



Reptiles and Amphibians of Virginia



Wisconsin Frog and Toad Survey



Wisconsin Herpetology Homepage



Savannah River Ecology Laboratory



New York Amphibian and Reptile Atlas Project



Atlas of the Reptiles and Amphibians of Vermont





Professional Societies



Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR)



The Herpetologists' League



American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists



The Center for North American Herpetology (CNAH)

Kansas Herpetological Society Journals





Conservation Organizations



The Nature Conservancy



Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (PARC)



North American Amphibian Monitoring Program (NAAMP)



Audubon International



Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee



A Thousand Friends of Frogs



Timber Rattlesnake Homepage



The Amphibian Count Database



Terrestrial Salamander Monitoring Program



Frogwatch USA





Student Pages



Hellbender Homepage









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