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Herpetology T-shirts





























Back_Design_1.jpgYou've all heard of the Thundering Herd, now check out the Thundering Herps!





















Design on Back (Drawn by Adam Mann)

Have some fun and show your support for Marshall University Herpetology Lab.  These shirts can be bought by anyone!  If you are thinking of getting one, please contact Casey Bradshaw at


T-shirt Info:

1.  Shirts are available as short or long-sleeved.

2.  Child sizes (S,M,L,XL) and Adult sizes (S,M,L,XL) are available.

3.  Background color for all shirts is dark gray.  The shirts themselves are sturdy athletic construction T-shirts, made to last for a long time.

     - Most shirts are 58% polyester / 42% cotton.  They don't shrink much at all.

4.  There is a two-color design on front (~4 inches) and five-color design on back (~10 inches).

5.  The back design features depictions of some of our native herps, including: Eastern Milksnake, Pickerel Frog, Eastern Box Turtle and Red-spotted Newt.

HERPS green shirt.jpg6.  NEW! We now have new designed long sleeve t-shirts!  These shirts are green with white designs (pictured below).




























7.  The Herpetology Club at Marshall is sponsoring the T-shirt sales.  However, we must receive each patron's money before any T-shirts are ordered. 

Make any checks payable to:  Marshall University Herpetology Club

Checks can be mailed to:

Herpetology Club

Attn:  Dr. Thomas K. Pauley

Marshall University Dept. of Biological Sciences

1 John Marshall Drive

Huntington, WV  25755

7. Base price for t-shirts is $16.00, long sleeve t-shirts $20.00.  This does not include shipping.  For further information, contact Casey Bradshaw at


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