A certificate program in Appalachian Studies is a convenient way for individuals to add a consistent study of Appalachian topics to their undergraduate credentials.  The Appalachian Studies program provides students with courses from various colleges and disciplines across the university.  The program allows students to advance their study of Appalachian history: culture: language: and society and will serve as a preparation for a variety of careers and graduate school options.

Students who believe they have met the requirements for the Appalachian Studies Certificate should initiate the awarding of the certificate in the College of Liberal Arts office.  Once certified, a student must pay a $15 certificate fee in the Office of the Bursar, ask for a receipt, and bring the receipt back to the College office.
The Certificate is awarded at the same time as the students’ graduation date.
The student will receive in the mail a diploma-quality certificate in Appalachian Studies.
The student’s transcript will also show the award of a Certificate of Appalachian Studies.
For complete information, contact:
Dr. Kevin Barksdale
Harris Hall 115


The certificate can meet the needs of these students:

Students anticipating graduate work in a professional program (Law: Business: Medicine: Social Work: etc.) in which they intend to have an Appalachian focus.
Students anticipating graduate work in an academic field (History: Geography: Literature: Religious Studies: etc.) in which they intend to have an Appalachian focus.
Students anticipating graduate work in Appalachian Studies
Students anticipating employment in a field that requires (or would benefit from) a background knowledge of Appalachian culture and society.
Students who want to pursue a knowledge of Appalachian society and culture for their own interests.
Admission Requirements

There are no admission requirements to the program.  Any student from any major who desires a certificate may enroll in the required course (provided they meet all prerequisites for each specific course).
Program Requirements
Student must complete 15 hours of Appalachian Studies course work.
Core Courses: At least 9 of the 15 hours must come from the list of core courses.
Optional Courses: Up to 6 hours can be selected from the list of optional courses.
Courses may be taken in any order and in any discipline as long as the above requirements are met.
Core Courses
English 303: Appalachian Fiction and Poetry

Geography 402: Geography of Appalachia
History 440: West Virginia History
Political Science 407: Appalachian Politics
Sociology 432: Geography of Appalachia
Optional Courses
Anthropology 470: Appalachian Field Experience I
471: Appalachian Field Experience II
Geography 206: Geography of West Virginia

Political Science 202: American State Government and Politics

Social Work 330: Social Welfare Issues in Appalachia
Independent Study Any independent study course from across the University that focuses exclusively on Appalachia may be counted as an optional course.

Special Topics Any special topics course from across the University that focuses exclusively on Appalachian issues may be counted toward an Appalachian Studies Certificate with the approval of the Chair of the Department of History and the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.