Honors College Policy Handbook

Graduation Requirements

- FYS 100H (3 credit hours) - the First-Year Seminar
- HON 200 (3 credit hours) - the Second-Year Seminar
- 2 honors seminars (3 credit hours each)
- 12 credit hours by:

  • additional honors seminars
  • honors [H] courses - intro courses offered by departments to honors students
  • study abroad (may substitute for three credit hours)
  • HON 488 - HCSA Steering Committee
  • HON 484 - honors newsletter
  • HON 485/486 - honors independent study
  • H-option - contract with instructor to enhance a non-honors course

Total 24 credit hours in Honors

3.3 GPA

Honors Academic Standing

Good Standing
A student is in good standing with the Honors College with an overall grade point average that is at least 3.3.

Academic Warning
Whenever a student's grade point average is below 3.3, the student will be placed on academic warning status with the Honors College, and be asked to meet with an Honors advisor.

Academic Probation
Whenever a student's grade point average remains below 3.3 following one semster of academic warning status with the Honors College, the student will be place on academic probation with the Honors College and be asked to meet with an advisor.

After one semester on academic probation, students who fail to achieve a 3.3 overall grade point average will be dismissed from the Honors College.

Advising Info

Advising Dates:

Sign-ups: Monday, October 20 - Friday, October 24
Advising: Monday, October 27- Friday, October 31
Early Registration: Thursday, Nov. 6- Friday, Nov 7, 4pm.
Group Advising:
Monday, October 27, 5:30pm in CH 117
Thursday, October 30, 5:30pm in CH 117
Friday, October 31, 11am in OM 230

Sign-up sheets are posted here for anyone who may need a reminder of their advising time or who just wants to check on advising or seminar availability.

Sign-up Sheets:

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