Honors College Curriculum and Policies Committee

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CAM Robert Rabe Assistant Professor, Print Journalism
CITE Betsy Dulin Professor, Information Technology and Engineering Management
COB Elizabeth Reusch Assistant Professor, Management/ Marketing
COE Tina Cartwright Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
COHP Susan Frank Assistant Professor, Communication Disorders
COLA John Vielkind Chair & Professor, Philosophy
COS Elizabeth Niese Assistant Professor, Mathematics
At-Large Jonathan Cox Assistant Professor, Art
At-large Anne Axel Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Student Forest Lefevre Honors College
Student Kayla Boggs Society of Yeager Scholars
Honors College Ronald Bieniek Dean
Honors College Nicki LoCascio Associate Dean, Yeager Director
Honors College Susan Gilpin Associate Dean, HCCAP Chair
Honors College Barry Dickerson Academic Advisor
Secretary Mitzi Cyrus Office Administrator, Honors College