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Internships are available in the Human Performance Laboratory Programs. To apply, a candidate must submit a resume and schedule an interview. A GPA of 2.75 or better is required. For further information, contact Dr. Marley [304-696-2936] or HPL Coordinator Lois E. Adkins, M. S. [304-696-2935].

Spring Interns 2012
(Left to right: Lauren Ward, Cori Finley, Erin Shamblin)

Fall Interns 2011
Coordinator (top): Lois E. Adkins, M.S.
(Left to right: Rodney Twyman, Ron Reyes, Benjy Pyles, Joseph Gonzalez)

Spring Interns 2010
(Left to right: Andrew Blain, Whittney Sinclair, Derrick Berry)

Summer Interns 2008
(Left to right: Kris Carr, Brian Leggett, Jonathan Clark)


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