Marshall University’s Best

The Employee of the Month and Year Programs were established to recognize outstanding performance by classified and non-classified staff at Marshall University.  The employees who receive the awards have exemplified exceptional levels of work performance and displayed high regard and loyalty toward Marshall and their job responsibilities.

Selection Committee

A committee appointed by the president is composed of one representative each from classified staff, non-classified staff, faculty, M.U. Graduate College, and student body.  This committee evaluates the nominations and selects the Employee of the Month honorees each month.

Selection Process

1. Any M.U. faculty, staff, or student may submit an application or nomination for the award to Human Resource Services by the fifth day of each month.

2. Employees may receive the Employee of the Month award once per year.

3. Each applicant or nominee must complete an application which identifies the nominated employee’s job classification, years of service, and the reason why the employee deserves the award.  Applications are available on-line at or a paper copy can be obtained from Human Resource Services, 207 Old Main.

From the web link scroll down to and select the Employee of the Month Nomination Form, available in several formats.

Selection Criteria

Criteria for nominating Employee of the Month are:

1.  Any classified or Non-classified employee may participate.

2.  Minimum of 37.5 hours worked per week.

3.  Non-probationary employee with at least one year of continuous employment.

4.  Nominated according to one or more of the following:

a.  Outstanding and sustained performance of assigned duties.
b.  Significant and positive impact on the University or community.  Such accomplishments must be identified.
c.  Outstanding attendance record.
d.  Responsible attitude toward job duties.
e.  Special rapport with other employees and/or students.

Expressions of Appreciation and Recognition

Each Employee of the Month shall be acknowledged with:

1.  Cash award of $100.

2.  Plaque inscribed with name, department, month, and year.

3.  Photo and article to appear in the We are ….Marshall!  newsletter.

4.  Eligibility for the Employee of the Year.

Employee of the Year

The Employee of the Year shall be selected as follows:

1.  During June of each year, the Employee of the Month committee will evaluate the twelve employees selected during July through June of the previous year and vote by secret ballot for the Employee of the Year.

2.  The Employee of the Year will be announced at a luncheon honoring the Employee of the Month recipients.  Recognition will include:

     a.  A cash award of $300.
b.  A plaque unique from the monthly award.
c.  Article and picture in the We are…..Marshall! newsletter.