ARRIVING EMPLOYEE INFORMATION refers to a set of steps and activities that are required for or associated with the beginning of a person’s employment at Marshall University (hereinafter the University).  Some of the items in the arriving employee information list are done by the new employee.  Other things are done for him/her by others.  The list below can be followed in order to properly complete the necessary steps for beginning employment.  You are encouraged to print this page to use as a handy reference.  Brackets are provided for each item.  Arriving employees are asked to place a checkmark on the page as each item is completed.  This may include tasks which are not the responsibility of the arriving employee but which he/she may become aware through conversation or inquiry.  For any questions related to the arriving employee process, please contact Human Resource Services at the above address.  This form does not need to be turned in at the conclusion of the arriving employee process.









[      ]  LOCATE SOCIAL SECURITY CARD: Human Resource Services will need to see and verify your Social Security card.  A copy of the card is not acceptable.  It must be the original Social Security card.  A federal requirement exists to provide pay to employees exactly as they are named on their Social Security cards.  Also, it is necessary for tax withholding purposes to ensure that your Social Security number is recorded properly.  Your Social Security number will not be published by Human Resource Services or any other office of the University.  However, it is necessary that the Social Security number be verified for accuracy.  The requirement to review the Social Security card exists even if the arriving employee uses documents other than the Social Security card to verify eligibility for employment through the USCIS Form I-9 (see below).

[      ]  LOCATE DOCUMENT(S) FOR THE USCIS FORM I-9: (See item below about completion of USCIS Form I-9.)  When you begin employment at the University, you will have to complete USCIS Form I-9, a federal form that establishes eligibility for employment.  Arriving employees have to provide for review and return certain document(s) acceptable to prove eligibility for employment.  It is useful to locate the document(s) that you wish to offer to prove eligibility for employment and have those with you when you reach the campuses or complete your USCIS Form I-9 if not done earlier.  The list of acceptable documents appears on the USCIS Form I-9.  The form can be viewed at this link:  The University cannot dictate which document(s) are offered for review.  This is up to the arriving employee so long as the document(s) offered satisfy the requirements on the Form I-9.  The most typical combination of documents offered is a state driver’s license with a photo and the Social Security card.  The general policy on the USCIS Form I-9 can be viewed at this link: Arriving employees are further reminded that if they offer a birth certificate as proof of eligibility for employment it cannot be a hospital birth certificate but must be a birth certificate from the vital records department and must carry the official seal of the certifying organization.

[      ]  SELECT BENEFICIARIES AND GATHER NECESSARY INFORMATION: Benefits-eligible employees will be able to select primary and/or contingent beneficiaries for such benefit components as life insurance and the retirement program.  Arriving employees are invited to make decisions about who they wish to designate as their primary and contingent beneficiaries and are asked to bring with them information on the complete name, address, Social Security number, and relationship to the employee of the persons selected as beneficiaries.

[      ]  GATHER CHECKING ACCOUNT OR SAVINGS ACCOUNT INFORMATION FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT: Direct Deposit is the default method for the provision of pay.  See item below titled SIGN UP FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT.  Arriving employees should locate and bring with them a check from their checking account or shares draft account or a deposit ticket from their savings account, across which they have prominently written the word “VOID.”  The routing number and the account number from these are necessary to set up Direct Deposit.  If you set up a new checking account or savings account at a local institution as a result of transferring to the University community, it is easy to change your Direct Deposit to the new bank and new account. The Payroll Office in 205 Old Main will assist you.

[      ]  FOREIGN NATIONALS: If you are not a U.S. citizen and if you are not a Permanent Resident Alien of the United States, you must be in a valid visa status before commencing employment at the University.  Foreign nationals are asked to contact Michael Schmelzle, Center for International Programs, 304.696.6265,, as soon as it appears that the University has expressed interest in interviewing you or possibly contemplates offering you employment.  Foreign nationals who do not have a valid visa cannot be employed by and cannot be paid by the University.  The visa process can be lengthy and complex.  Request assistance with the process at the earliest possible moment if being considered for employment.

[      ]  UNDERSTAND THE UNIVERSITY’S PAY SYSTEM: New employees are paid on an arrears payroll.  Pay for the half-month pay period is rendered one pay period later – an approximate half-month wait.  Since it will be one whole period after the one in which the new employee starts work before pay is received, arriving employees should understand the pay structure and be prepared to wait for pay as outlined above.

[      ]  NINE-MONTH/TEN-MONTH FACULTY SUBMIT FORM FOR 18/20 PAYS OR 24 PAYS: Faculty arriving for new nine-month or ten-month base appointments must make a decision regarding whether they wish to receive their pay over 18 pay periods (nine-month faculty)/20 pay periods (ten-month faculty) or over 24 pays.  A form for this purpose should be included in the contract packet sent to new faculty members.  If not a copy of this form is available on the Human Resource Services website at: . The completed form should be submitted to the Payroll Office not later than the deadline applicable to your college.  If the new nine-month or ten-month faculty member does not complete and submit this form, his/her pay will default to 18 pays or 20 pays respectively for the academic year.


[      ]  FOREIGN NATIONALS: If a department or college contemplates the employment of an individual who is not a U.S. citizen or who is not a Permanent Resident Alien of the United States and who would be employed under the provisions of a non-immigrant visa such as an H-1 visa, it is critically important the prospective employing department contact Michael Schmelzle, Center for International Programs, 304.696.6265,, immediately for information and assistance with visa procedures.  No foreign national will be employed by the University until and unless all necessary visa procedures are resolved satisfactorily.  Such procedures may be lengthy and complex.  Prospective employing departments or colleges are, therefore, encouraged to see to these matters, as applicable, as soon as possible.


[      ]  COMPLETE USCIS FORM I-9: Each new employee of the University must complete USCIS Form I-9 that establishes eligibility to be employed.  It is necessary that a University representative examine documentation offered by the new employee that vouches for eligibility for employment.  There are various combinations of documents that can suffice for this purpose. The University cannot direct which documents to provide for review.   The list of acceptable documents appears on the Form I-9 itself.  A     copy of Form I-9 with the document list is available at the Human Resource Services web site forms page at  Scroll down and     click “USCIS Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification Form.”  The document list appears on page three.  Arriving employees are reminded that they must bring the necessary documents with them and complete the USCIS Form I-9 either prior to starting work or within 72 hours of beginning work.  Arriving employees are further reminded that if they  offer a birth certificate as proof of eligibility for employment it cannot be a hospital birth certificate but must be a birth certificate from the vital records department and must carry the official seal of the certifying organization.

[      ]  COMPLETE/SUBMIT BACKGROUND CHECKS AUTHORIZATION FORM: If you will start regular-status, benefits-eligible employment at the University, you must authorize and the University must complete a background check prior to the beginning of employment.  The policy basis for this requirement is Marshall University Board of Governors Policy HR-14, while the administrative procedure is reflected in Marshall University Human Resource Services Policy MU-HR-AP-14.  Both of these can be viewed from the Human Resource Services website policies page at:  Individuals offered employment in a regular-status, benefits-eligible position should complete and submit to Human Resource Services (address at top of this page) the Background Checks Authorization Form.  It is available on the Human Resource Services forms page at:  Scroll down to the “Recruitment” section and locate this form.  THE BACKGROUND CHECK IS A TIME-CRITICAL ACTIVITY.  THE UNIVERSITY MUST RECEIVE FROM ITS THIRD-PARTY PROVIDER THE RESULTS OF THE BACKGROUND CHECK PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING OF UNIVERSITY EMPLOYMENT.  This form can be completed and submitted any time after the University has offered employment to the individual.


[      ]  DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE ACT OF 1988: Obtain information and complete a form.  Human Resource Services, 207 Old Main,     issues each new regular-status employee with a copy of the provisions of the     Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and encourages the new employee to complete     and return a certificate pledging compliance with its provisions.

[      ]  W-4 TAX WITHHOLDING CERTIFICATE: Complete a form.  New employees must complete a W-4 tax withholding form at the Payroll Office, 205 Old Main.

[      ]  SIGN UP FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT: Direct Deposit is the default method for providing pay.  It is safe and reliable.  Arriving employees should contact the Payroll Office, 205 Old Main, to sign up for Direct Deposit.  See item above titled GATHER CHECKING ACCOUNT OR SAVINGS ACCOUNT INFORMATION FOR DIRECT DEPOSIT.  [In certain limited circumstances, pay may be rendered as negotiable paychecks.

[      ]  VERIFY SOCIAL SECURITY CARD NAME/NUMBER: Human Resource Services, 207 Old Main, will review the original Social Security card of each arriving employee to ensure that pay is rendered to the employee as named on the card and that the Social Security number is correct.  The Social Security number is treated confidentially by the University.  It is not published or openly used in University transactions.    

[      ]  CONTACT COMPUTING SERVICES FOR MUNET/OUTLOOK: Obtain information and complete form(s).  University Computing Services, 4th floor, Drinko Library, enrolls incoming employees to MUNet, issues a username, provides the opportunity to set a password, and enrolls the individual on Microsoft Outlook, Marshall University’s groupware.  NOTE: New employees of the Marshall University School of Medicine (MUSOM) should contact the Division of Information Technology at 696.7337 (located in room G35 of the Medical Education Building, or in the Health Sciences Library of the Medical Center Building) to set up accounts for MUNet, Banner and Outlook groupware.

[      ]  POSSIBLY COMPLETE INTERNATIONAL TAXATION AND TREATY FORMS:  Non-resident aliens employed by the University must complete forms for international taxation and treaty eligibility. Contact Kim Fry in the Payroll Office, 205 Old Main.  These items must be completed no later than the first day of employment.

[      ]  CONTACT CAMPUS I.D. CARD OFFICE FOR CARD ISSUANCE: Provide information, have a photo taken, and obtain a card.  New employees may be issued a University identification (I.D.) card.  ID cards are issued by the Campus I.D. Card Office in the basement of the Memorial Student Center.  Human Resource Services can verify employment of arriving employees as requested by the arriving employee or by the Campus I.D. Card Office.  Please note that the individual must be properly entered in the Banner system and have an MU identification number generated before the I.D. Card can be issued.  Arriving employees are asked to contact their employing department or the Human Resource Services office for assistance with getting information entered into the Banner system.  See item below titled, “Enter Person Information….”.

[      ]  INQUIRE ABOUT OFFICE KEYS: Arriving employees may be issued a key to their office or a key to the building that their office is located in.  Office keys are issued by the hiring department.  Arriving employees should inquire with their supervisor about the issuance of keys.  Keys are the property of the University and should be returned if/when employment ends.

[      ]  REQUEST A PARKING PERMIT: Optional, as needed.  Obtain information and complete a form.  New employees may pay a fee and receive a University parking permit.  Parking permits are issued by the parking office in Public Safety in the Welcome Center.  Payments for parking permits may be received at the Bursar windows on the first floor of Old Main.  Parking permits may also be paid for through payroll deduction.  If the latter is preferred, the new employee should contact the Payroll Office, 205 Old Main.

[      ]  PROVIDE NOTIFICATION OF CHANGE OF ADDRESS IF ANY: Arriving employees may establish a new home address in the community that may be different from the address they used in the recruiting process, particularly if they are relocating to the community.   Newly arrived employees who have a new home address are reminded to notify the Human Resource Services office and the Payroll Office as soon as possible of their new addresses and/or telephone numbers.

[      ]  ENSURE PARTICIPATION IN BENEFITS ENROLLMENT:  See item below.  Arriving employees who are benefits eligible should make sure they are properly set up for benefits enrollment.  Benefit components are discussed and enrollment forms are completed in a small group setting.  An on-line form is available on the Human Resource Services web site that can be used to register for a benefits enrollment workshop.  It can be accessed at: If the form does not work properly or you cannot access it, contact Human Resource Services in 207 Old Main, 304.696.6455, THINGS DONE BY OTHERS FOR THE ARRIVING EMPLOYEE:

[      ]   ENTER PERSON INFORMATION INTO THE BANNER HR SYSTEM: Name, address, and other relevant information about all arriving employees must be entered into the Banner HR system.  This is accomplished by either the employing department or by Human Resource Services.  Entry of arriving employee information into the Banner system is handled through the completion and tender of the Banner HR Person Data Entry Form.  This form can be accessed on the Human Resource Services forms page at:

[      ]   NOTIFY INDIVIDUAL OF BACKGROUND CHECK REQUIREMENT: The employing department or college is responsible for notifying individuals who have been offered regular-status, benefits-eligible employment about the requirement for the completion of a background check.  See the section above, entitled COMPLETE BACKGROUND CHECKS AUTHORIZATION FORM, and assist the in-bound employee with locating the authorization form.  IF THE BACKGROUND CHECK REQUIREMENT IS NOT COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE DESIRED EFFECTIVE DATE OF EMPLOYMENT, THE EMPLOYMENT MAY BE DELAYED.  

[      ]  EMPLOYING DEPARTMENT PREPARE/SUBMIT PAR/EPAF: For any arriving employees a Personnel Action Request (PAR) or an Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) must be completed to establish their employment.  The PAR/EPAF is the responsibility of the employing department.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE DEADLINES FOR THE SUBMISSION OF PARs/EPAFs.  PLEASE SEE HUMAN RESOURCE SERVICES POLICY AND PROCEDURE  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE EMPLOYING DEPARTMENT TO ENSURE THAT A PAR/EPAF IS PREPARED AND SUBMITTED WITHIN THE DEADLINE FOR THE DESIRED PAYROLL STARTING DATE.  Arriving employees may make inquiry with their hiring department to ensure that the PAR/EPAF has been prepared and submitted in time to start employment on schedule.  Please note the information about the arriving employee should be entered into the Banner HR system before a PAR is generated and must be entered before an EPAF can be generated.  See the item above about person information.

[      ]  E-MAIL MAILING LIST: Human Resource Services adds name and e-mail to mailing list.  Human Resource Services maintains e-mail mailing list (listservs) for faculty, classified, and nonclassified employees.  A representative of Human Resource Services will enroll each arriving regular-status faculty, classified, and/or nonclassified employee on the appropriate listserv.    

[      ]  BANNER ENROLLMENT: Depending on the type of employment, some arriving employees will be enrolled for privileges from the Banner system, the University’s comprehensive data system.  Arriving employees should inquire in their hiring department about whether, when, and how to be enrolled for Banner privileges.  Banner enrollment is accomplished by completing a form, obtaining the supervisor’s signature, and submitting the form to Computing Services, 4th floor, Drinko Library.  Prior to obtaining a Banner user account an employee must attend Banner Navigation Training.  Additional training may be required based on specific Banner privileges.

[      ]  NOTIFICATION OF NEW CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEES: Human Resource Services will notify a designated representative of the University Classified Staff Council the name, EEO category, and assigned department of any newly arrived classified employee.

[      ]  MAILROOM NOTIFICATION OF NEW EMPLOYEES: Human Resource Services will provide the Supervisor of the Mailroom with the name, title, and department of newly-arrived regular-status employees.

[      ]  ENSURE TIMELY AND ACCURATE PAY: The employing department is responsible for checking in advance of the issuance of the arriving employee’s first pay that the employment appointment and the associated compensation has been set up properly in the Banner system.  Timely and accurate pay gets the employment experience off on the right foot.

[      ]  BENEFITS ENROLLMENT: All arriving employees who are benefits eligible need to participate in a benefits enrollment session offered by Human Resource Services, 207 Old Main.  Group benefit enrollments are typically provided on the second working day of each pay period.  If new employees cannot participate in the group benefit enrollment session, alternate arrangements will be made for them.  An on-line form on the Human Resource Services web site to use to register for benefits enrollment can be accessed at: Any arriving employee whose work location will be outside of Huntington, West Virginia, and for whom the trip to the University main campus for benefits enrollment would be overly difficult, benefits enrollment at a distance may be available.  For the latter, the arriving employee needs to be at a location where he/she has both a telephone connection and a web connection at the same time.  Information on benefits enrollment can be obtained by contacting Human Resource Services in 207 Old Main, by phone at 304.696.6455, or by e-mail to

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