Human Resource Services seeks to improve the employment in-processing and out-processing protocol for the University.  Input is encouraged from interested or affected individuals about how in-processing and out-processing should operate and what should be included.  An important element of this process is to obtain input describing what specific actions the in-processing or out-processing employees need to take.

The Planning Form below may be used to turn in suggested in-processing or out-processing steps.  This is a form of brainstorming, so as much input as possible from as many affected departments or individuals in the University is appreciated.  Don’t worry about duplicate entries or whether someone else may have turned in an item of concern to you.  Please go ahead and submit a form or multiple forms.  HR Services will eliminate duplicate entries.  Make selections or fill out the blanks below as appropriate and hit the “submit” button to send the form to HR Services.

Thank you for supporting this project!

NOTE: This on-line form reaches Human Resource Services without the sender’s name, telephone number, or e-mail address unless he/she enters it.  Providing this information will be appreciated.  Forms will be accepted and processed only from senders with e-mail addresses ending in “”.

In-Processing/Out-Processing Planning Form