Marshall University New Employee Onboarding

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The following information is provided to assist you as you transition to your new position at Marshall University. You are encouraged to print this page to use as a handy reference. For any questions related to the arriving employee process, please contact:

Marshall University Human Resource Services
207 Old Main, 304.696.6455, or

Please note:  This form does not need to be turned in at the conclusion of the arriving employee process.

 Things to do prior to your first day of employment:

  •  Sign and return to your department a copy of your Offer Letter indicating your acceptance of the position you have been offered.
  • ŽComplete the USCIS I-9 form at the HRS Office

Gather acceptable forms of identification. Bring acceptable original forms of identification with you prior to your first day of employment. The list of acceptable documents for the I-9 can be found on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website at: (see page 5).

If you are not physically available to be present for inspection to the Marshall University Human Resources Department or to an authorized business partner location, you will follow the remote hiring process at

  •  Complete and submit to HRS the Background Check Authorization form located at:

  •  Obtain 901 Number (Official University ID Number).

New employees must obtain this number in person at the HRS office.

Review the benefit plan options that are available to you. Review any benefit coverage (cost/benefit level, etc.) available through your spouse in order to choose the coverage that best meet your needs. Information about your benefit plan options is available at ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

  •  Complete Payroll forms

New Employees are paid on an arrears payroll. Pay for the half-month period is rendered two-pay period later
Example:  If you begin working on August 17, your will receive your first pay check on September 15.

Payroll information is available at:

Click on the “PAYROLL” Link. Compete all of the applicable forms and submit to the Payroll Office located in Room 203, Old Main.

  •  Complete 18/20 or 24 Pays form [Nine-Month/Ten Month Faculty Only]

Faculty arriving for new nine- or ten-month appointments must make a decision regarding whether they wish to receive their pay over 18 pay periods (nine-month) or 20 pay periods (ten-month) or over 24 pays. A selection form should be included in the contract packet sent to new faculty.  This form may be accessed at:

  •  Foreign Nationals

If you are not a U.S. citizen and if you are not a Permanent Resident Alien of the United States, you must be in a valid visa status before commencing employment. Foreign Nationals are asked to contact the Center for International Programs, at 604.696.2465 upon acceptance of a job offer.

Additionally, Non-Resident Aliens employed by the University must complete forms for international taxation and treaty eligibility. Contact Kim Fry in the Payroll Office, 205 Old Main. These items must be completed no later than the first day of employment.


  •  Obtain University I.D. Card

New employees may be issued a University identification (I.D.) card. ID cards are issued by the Campus I.D. Card Office in the basement of the Memorial Student Center. Human Resource Services can verify employment of arriving employees as requested by the arriving employee or by the Campus I.D. Card Office. Please note that the individual must be properly entered in the Banner system and have an MU identification number generated before the I.D. Card can be issued.

  •  Obtain Parking Permit

New employees may pay a fee and receive a University parking permit. Parking permits are issued by the Parking Office in the Bliss Charles Public Safety Building. Payments for parking permits may be received at the Bursar windows on the first floor of Old Main. Parking permits may also be paid for through payroll deduction. If the latter is preferred, the new employee should contact the Payroll Office, 205 Old Main.

  •  Obtain Office Keys

Office keys are issued by the hiring department. New employees should inquire with their supervisor about the issuance of keys. Keys are the property of the University and should be returned if/when employment ends.

  •  Change Of Address

New employees may establish a new home address in the community that may be different from the address they used in the recruiting process, particularly if they are relocating to the community. Newly arrived employees who have a new home address are reminded to notify the Human Resource Services office and the Payroll Office as soon as possible of their new addresses and/or telephone numbers.

  •  Social Security Card Name/Number Verification

Submit to HR for review. The original Social Security card of each arriving employee is reviewed to ensure that pay is rendered to the employee as named on the card and that the Social Security number is correct. The Social Security number is treated confidentially by the University. It is not published or openly used in University transactions.

  •  Register for Training

The training sessions listed below are job specific. Please consult with your supervisor to determine which sessions are required for your job.

For complete information and online registration for these courses and other training opportunities, including, please access the Training & Development Schedule at:


  • Banner Basic Navigation
  • Banner Basic Purchasing
  • Banner HR Introduction — Sections 1 & 2
  • Introduction to Finance
  • Web Time Entry Workshop
  • MU Supervisor Training — Parts 1-3
  • Travel Policy Training
  • myBUY
  • Purchase Card Processes
  • Driver Training
  • Revenue Deposit Training