What is the MUnet Spam Firewall?

The MUnet Spam Firewall is a mail security service which exists between the Internet and the MU campus e-mail servers. The service is a hardware/software solution provided by Barracuda Networks and with on-campus user support provided by the Marshall University Information Technology Services team. Only e-mail arriving from the Internet and addressed to an @Marshall.edu account is protected by the Spam Firewall.

The Spam Firewall one of several layers of defense against e-mail borne security threats such as viruses, spoofing, phishing and spyware attacks. This service provides campus e-mail accounts with individualized and flexible e-mail filtering. You have the choice of how your e-mail is handled allowing you to train the system to identify both trusted e-mail senders along with the option to tag the subject line, quarantine or out-right block messages which are untrustworthy.

The access and management of your spam firewall mailbox is conveniently handled via a web interface and your Internet browser. This allows you to manage your e-mail filtering regardless of what client operating system, computer platform or e-mail software you use. You can access the interface via the URL http://www.marshall.edu/noSpam.

The browser-based interface gives you the ability of preview e-mail messages in the quarantine. This improves client security by providing a safe way to screen suspicious e-mail for viruses and malicious software and before they reach your computer.

How do I learn more about the Spam Firewall service?

Additional information about customizing your Spam Quarantine folder is available in the User’s Guide to Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall on the Barracuda Networks web site. in Adobe PDF format. This document covers most of the basics of the navigating and using the Spam Firewall web interface. These basics include receiving messages from the Spam Firewall, using the quarantine interface, changing your user preferences, and using the Spam Firewall Plug-in for Outlook.