Office of Institutional Research and Planning



  What We Do:

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning collects and analyzes data for  the production of reports submitted to the West Virginia Board of Trustees, the Marshall Community, and various other institutions and agencies. Our statistical studies and data analyses are conducted with the main intention of gathering information to:

       .  Aid in administrative and academic decision-making.
       .  Aid in the strategic planning process.
       .  Provide institutional data for accrediting agencies.


  • Links:

                Institutional Data  (Includes Fall 2007 Enrollment)

               Student Right to Know data - Graduation Rates

               Strategic Planning

                Mission Statement

                NCA Accreditation

                MU Home Page

                Marshall University Peers

                Instructions for Faculty Data Entry in Banner

                Standard Student Rating Form For Use Beginning Spring 2005

  • Additional Internet Resources for research and planning:

                Association for Institutional Research

                Government Census

                IPEDS - Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System

                NCES - National Center for Education Statistics

                National Council for Research and Planning

                Society for College and University Planning

                SREB - Southern Regional Education Board                     

                U.S. Department of Education

                WV HEPC - WV Higher Education Policy Commission                


Michael McGuffey, Director 304-696-3212
Michael Smith, Institutional Research Specialist Sr 304-696-6653
Arissa Prichard, Institutional Research Analyst 304-696-3648



The Office of Institutional Research and Planning welcomes your feedback on our web site. If there is anything you would like to see added or ways that the site can be improved, please send e-mail to . Thank you for your comments.





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