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North Central Association Accreditation

On November 2-3, 1998, the North Central Association visited Marshall University to conduct a focused visit. Members of the NCA Visiting Team were Dr. William Fulkerson, President of the State Colleges of Colorado and Dr. Frank O. Brady, Dean, Division of Health Sciences, University of South Dakota School of Medicine.  One part of the visit was mandated by the recommendations in the 1995 comprehensive report and focused only on the program leading to the Ph.D. in the Biomedical Sciences. The second purpose of the visit was a required review limited to the merger of the West Virginia Graduate College with Marshall University. The reports prepared for the visiting team may be viewed by following the links below. 

The team's recommendations will be returned to Marshall in a formal report to which we can make a response, either accepting the report or indicating exceptions to part of or all of the report.  All of the written materials then go to two readers.  This includes the team's report and the institution's response.  If the readers agree with the team's findings, then the team's recommendations go to the North Central Commission for approval.  This process takes three months.  The next Commission meeting is in February 1999 and the findings from the Marshall visit should be final at that time.  While the team's findings shared at the exit interview are unofficial, we can say that they were positive and that we look forward to a favorable Commission decision. 

To all who helped to make the team's visit a success, we wish to say your participation in meetings and contributions to the reports prepared for the visit are greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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The Merger of West Virginia Graduate College with Marshall University--A Report Prepared for an NCA Focused Visit, November 1998

The Marshall University Biomedical Sciences Program--A Report Prepared for an NCA Focused Visit, November 1998


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