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Retention rates of Marshall University First-Time Freshmen: Baccalaureate Degree Seeking

Graduation and Transfer-Out rates of Marshall University First-Time, Full-Time, Degree-Seeking Freshmen and Graduation and Transfer-Out rates of First-Time, Full-Time Baccalaureate Degree-Seeking Freshmen Athletes Receiving Financial Aid

The most recent data available is for Cohort Group 2008, which shows the graduation and transfer-out rates for students who started college as freshmen in Fall 2008. Federal IPEDS definition for graduation rate for degree-seeking freshmen is the percentage of full-time, first-time students completing a degree in 150% of normal time for the degree. For Associate degree-seekers, that time would be three years after entry, and for baccalaureate degree-seekers, that time would be six years after entry. The time period for the Fall 2008 entering baccalaureate degree-seeking freshmen ended in Summer 2014.