About Integrated Science & Technology

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Integrated Science and Technology is an exciting degree program that is an alternative to traditional programs in science, technology, and engineering. We have brought together faculty and subject matter from engineering, physics, biological science, computer and information science, mathematics, communication studies and management to create an integrated degree program that meets the needs of today's employers. As you progress through the program and specialize in an area, you will learn key scientific and technical skills that address critical demands for the 21st century. The Department of Integrated Science and Technology includes programs in Biotechnology, Computer & Information Technology, Criminal Justice & Criminology, Digital Forensics & Information Assurance, Environmental Science, and Natural Resource & Recreation Management.

Career-focused Program

Your study in college should prepare you for a career. The programs of the Department of Integrated Science and Technology were designed to prepare for the changing nature of science and technology fields. You will have a broad background in science and mathematics, strong applied computer skills and understand the impact of science and technology on society.

To be ready for today's competitive job market, The National Science Foundation has found that you need to be able to work in a team, be a capable written and oral communicator, have strong problem solving skills and be adaptable to learning new things in a rapidly changing environment.

Because traditional single-discipline majors in science and technology do not always provide these additional skills, Marshall University offers a B.S. degree in Integrated Science and Technology.

Admission Standards

First-time full-time freshman entering a four year baccalaureate degree at Marshall University must have a H.S. diploma, minimum 2.00 GPA, composite ACT score of 19 (910 SAT) and completion of 2003 HEPC requirements (4 yrs English, 3 yrs Social Studies, 3 yrs Math, 3 yrs Science) for unconditional admission.

Admission to the College of Science and the Integrated Science and Technology Department requires a composite ACT score of 21 (1000 SAT) and an ACT mathematics score of 21 (500 SAT) for admission.

Program Componenets

The Integrated Science and Technology program has four general components which are different from other degree programs in the College of Science. The components are:

  • Marshall University Core Curriculum includes a seminar to help students acclimate to their new environment, "critical thinking" courses to help develop analytical thinking, and courses to nuture a wide foundation of knowledge across multiple disciplines.
  • College of Science Requirements are courses that the college requires. These courses provide a foundation of knowledge that will lead to new perspectives across the curriculum.
  • IST Core Requirements include communication skills; "connections" courses that examine the relationships between society, science, and technology; foundation courses in math and science; a public service/volunteer experience; and a two-semester senior capstone project which serves as a culmination of the student's work in his or her field.
  • IST Program Requirements are courses that are specific to the student's chosen major and area of emphasis or specialization (if applicable). These courses allow students to work toward their major or area of emphasis with integration of knowledge from other areas of study across the university curriculum.

Degrees from Integrated Science & Technology are four-year programs that require at least 120 credit hours. Of those 120 hours, at least 40 hours must be from 300-499 level courses. A minimum 2.0 grade point average is required for graduation.

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