Criminal Justice Minor

A minor in Criminal Justice consists of 15 hours of courses, this includes CJ 200 plus 12 other CJ hours. These courses should be chosen with the assistance of a Criminal Justice & Criminology advisor.

IST Minor for Students Interested in Forensics

Criminal Justice majors can add skills in computer technology, computer forensics, and DNA typing by completing a minor in Integrated Science and Technology (IST). The minor in IST allows CJ students to take courses that use scientific procedure and technology to detect crimes and resolve cases through the study of the application of computer and information technology and biotechnology. Students may take courses in both areas or focus on one area.

Integrated Science and Technology Minor

Online Minor in Criminal Justice

Currently, not all of the criminal justice courses are available online to fulfill the online minor. While CJ 200, CJ 221, CJ 231, and CJ 325 will be offered Spring 2016, CJ 211 is under development. It is anticipated that CJ 211 will be offered again in Fall 2016.

Online Minor

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